Wednesday, March 31, 2010

IPL & More

Have you seen how well the relatively older players are playing in this installment of the IPL? Tendulkar (36 years), Kumble (39!!), Kaalis (34), Hayden (38!!) with his ‘mongoose’ which BTW is such a cute name for a bat, isn’t it? There's my all-time favorite Gilly, also 38. Chaminda Vaas. Muttiah Muralitharan who I find very cute. My favorite IPL commentary came from Harsha Bhogle, “There might be 1411 tigers left but there’s only one Murali left”. Ha ha...Priceless!

BTW, I read that the salaries of players in the IPL are the second highest of all the leagues in the world. They're lower only as compared to the NBA and higher then the EPL. There's no recession in Indian cricket or what?

My heart breaks for Sourav Ganguly. As The Knife had put it, “There is nothing more painful than seeing an aged and wounded tiger hounded in the jungles he once lorded in.”

The kind of feelings Ganguly evokes in his fans now couldn’t be described better. He was the King of playing spin, he was known for standing up for a team member even when the rest of the team management was against him. And of course, he proved that he will not take crap from anyone, lying down. That he can give back just as good as he gets.

See him play now…the boundaries are fewer and far between though his brilliance still shines through in the way he hits the ball for a six. He was never really known to be athletic or a brilliant fielder but he’s getting clumsier by the day. It’s sad to see one of your favorite sportsmen, who you liked not only for his game but also for his spirit & resilience, lose his flame gradually before dying out.

You were a good captain, Sourav Ganguly.


The football World Cup is about to start! Ta Daa!! It’s time to don green & yellow! It's time to take my BRASIL jersey out!

BRASIIIIIIIIILLLL la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la Brasil......

I know some people who’re planning to go to South Africa for the semi-finals & finals, and it’s only going to set them back by a couple of lakhs each. For 3 matches & 2-3 days. Phew!!

Don't question the love of a Bong for football.


Have you seen the promos of 'Kites'? I like Anurag Basu (Life In A Metro) but this movie doesn't look exciting to me for some reason. Maybe I'm judging too quickly but first impressions do matter. Even the 'Zindagi do pal ki' song that's playing across radio channels sounds a bit dated.


There are confirmed reports - confirmed by the parties involved themselves - that Sania Mirza is marrying Shoaib Malik (ex-Pakistan cricket captain currently serving a 1 year ban from cricket for God know what reason) in April.

Errr...didn't she just call off her engagement to that biscuit guy a couple of months ago?

Apparently M & M fell in love with each other 6 months ago while she was still engaged to the biscuit guy.

Shoaib Malik confirmed the news on Twitter by posting "Thanks for all your support. And the news of me marrying to Sania is true".

Shoaib will marry to Sania and Sania will marry to Shoaib. Now will someone please find someone to marry to me too? :P


The knife said...

It was really painfully seeing him search for his contacts on the pitch while the bowlers were at their job in the Delhi match

Moonshine said...

Do you really need "finding" scarlett!!!!! :p

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Did he really do that? I totally missed it. How sad!

@Moonshine - The marrying to me is not happening anytime soon, so I'm needing new "finding" :P

The knife said...

I was being sarcastic... but that's how his attempt to bat looked

Hope KKR does and April fool today and wins