Monday, March 3, 2008

Life, the great leveller

I often hear people say that we should do good and be nice human beings because we'll have to pay for all the wrongs we've committed in our lives once we're dead. I've always wondered what makes people worry about what will happen to us after we're gone instead of worrying about what will happen to us now, in this life. Logic would suggest one would worry more about this life rather than the life after (for those who do believe there's life after death)!

I believe that we pay for our actions in this very life. In my case at least, retribution has been instant. Faster than you can say 'instant coffee'! Whenever I've hurt someone or broken someone's heart, I've gotten it back soon, as good as I gave. The account has always been balanced; I've never had any credit. That is how life keeps score. You lose as much as you gain, and in the end it all evens out. Life is the greatest leveller of all.

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