Friday, March 7, 2008

Transience of life

Read in the papers today that Patrick Swayze is battling pancreatic cancer & might not have much time to live. Some reports say he has 5 weeks at most, a claim that has been trashed by his publicist & the doctor treating him. We didn't hear of him for a long time. He kind of faded into oblivion, something that happens to almost all successful people at some point in their lives. Eventually, they all become has-been's.

Yet, it's hard to imagine the charming & suave actor from the all-time classic Dirty Dancing looking tired & haggard from chemotherapy. All of us who've seen Dirty Dancing love the movie for Patrick Swayze (apart from the awesome music). Even today he continues to be every girl's dancing delight. But a disease like cancer does not spare even the most beloved celebrities. Imagine how terrible & difficult these few days must be for the actor & his family, thinking about his imminent death all the time. I shudder to think of what they must be going through, the mental state he must be in.

It makes me realize how ephemeral life itself is, and we waste most of it complaining of what we don't have, what all is wrong in our lives etc. We never think of the things that we are blessed enough to have, things that ARE going right for us. UNTIL you hear of a person who's counting days to his end!


Ashwin said...

And after a while, we forget all over again

Scarlett said...

Such is life. Nothing lasts forever!