Sunday, March 9, 2008

An ode to summer

Summer is here! You can feel it when you step out of the house in the afternoon. The warm breeze against your skin, the sun beating down on you. Thankfully, the humidity levels in Bombay are still low. The weather reminds me of my days growing up in Patna.

You came back home from school in the middle of the afternoon and headed straight for the refrigerator. The cool blast was a life saver! Then you dug in to get this big piece of cold juicy watermelon and sunk your teeth into it, with the juice dripping down your elbow and staining your uniform. But who cared? It was such a respite to be in the cool confines of your house after being in the hot sultry environment of the school bus! The splash of cold water on your face, gorging down cool cucumber salads and bowls of frozen yoghurt for lunch, the long refreshing naps under the whirling ceiling fan (or AC) before you headed out to play are all reminiscent of my childhood summers!

Summer is here and it's time again to dig out those shorts & dig into luscious juicy watermelons!

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