Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Birth of a Blogger

I often ask myself why I blog everyday. Well, almost. I average a post a day unless I’m sick or out of town. Even when I’m swamped with work, I make time to blog…lunch breaks, dinner time. I somehow find time.

The reason I came up with was quite simple actually. I love to write. Always have. Just that earlier, I didn’t have an avenue for it.

One of my dreams remains to write a novel and get published. A novel with a simple story and one that flows easily. I never wished to be the next Siddharth Dhanvant Sanghvi or Arundhati Roy. I don’t belong to the school of writing that believes the more ornate the language and more abstract the content, the better. I believe in a contemporary style of writing that absorbs the language and colloquialism of the times we live in, and makes the piece of writing more relatable to the people reading it. I mean, come on…people from the 18th century aren’t going to come back from the dead to read your book!!

Of late, I have also been feeling like writing a movie script. It would be shorter than a book and more fun to write, I guess.

So it’s understandable that once I started blogging – with no idea of how long I’d be able to continue – I fell in love with it and have been at it since. I wouldn’t say it’s a release for my emotions…or the way I channelize my pent-up energy. It’s nothing as profound. It’s just something I like to do, and hence make time for it.

So to all those people who encouraged me to become a blogger - Staarin & Serendipity - thank you. And to those who are yet to discover the fun behind blogging, come hop on the bus! What are you waiting for!! :D


The knife said...

I think there is an aspirant writer behind most bloggers. i Have alsways wanted to write a book ever since i was a kid. Guess was too lazy, not focused enough to do it. Market research helped me get the bread on the table. But my blog has really helped me do what I actaully like - write. Which is why I keep writing. a bit like the Rock On guy who got to play music after ten years banking (without the long hair of course)

Moonshine said...

Thanks to you that i took to blogging... always used to have personal diaries .. this medium is exciting.. just the thought of sharing thoughts and opinions with everyone is exciting!!!

Scarlett said...

@ The Knife - I think everyone aspires to be a writer at some point of time or the other. Most don't due to lack of a single sustainable exciting idea to write on or because they're too lazy. I admire people who actually come up with a novel.

@ Moonshine - Exciting and addictive too! Like I take it upon myself to convert non-Harry Potter readers into Harry Potter readers (have managed to convert one person here already!), I also take it upon myself to convert non-bloggers into bloggers. And you've been doing some of your own missionary work too. Rock On!! :)