Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Howzzat for Narcissism?

I saw something on TV yesterday that made me laugh till my sides split.

The preview for Himesh Reshammiya’s remake of Karz. Sorry, KARZZZ.


So there’s one song where who else but our man Himess (notice I do not say ‘Himesh’) with his Paul McCartney-inspired haircut has his hands folded & is going “Hari Om, Hari Om”...which I’m assuming is the new version of the cultish ‘Om Shanti Om’.

As if that wasn’t enough to kill fans of the movie, there’s another song ‘Tandoori Nights’ with our man (again) on the dance floor with Urmila Matondkar who seems to take the term ‘bee-stung lips’ very seriously. Her pout is fake as can be, and isn’t she like, 100 years old??? Someone please tell her that ‘coz I think she has become forgetful with age. Urmila has always been a challenge to one’s tolerance levels but she’s getting progressively worse with time.

And then comes the scene-stealer….a back shot of Himess with a guitar slung over his back, against a black backdrop with a giant red disco ball. The caption reads, “Monty is Back….With a Vengeance”.

Poor Monty….of the original KARZ spelled with a single ‘Z’ that is.

I’m sure that after seeing the preview of the new KARZZZ with a triple ‘Z’, Rishi Kapoor would be contemplating disappearing from this planet & Subhash Ghai would be counting the number of hair left on his head beneath that famous cap of his.

Himesh Reshammiya for Rishi Kapoor, anyone?


Nirav said...

Oh, it was Hari Om Hari Om? I thought it was "Hurry home, Hurry home" and was wondering why Himess is behaving like a school-kid and wants to hurry home!

Also, if you got cheap thrills out of this trailer, you've gotta see Aap ka Surroor. Your sides will be aching with laughter :-D

Scarlett said...

You HAVE to see the 'Monty is back...with a vengeance bit'. It's hilarious!! Can't believe you've seen 'Aap Ka Suroor'...I'm sure you watched it in the theater!!!!

Nirav said...

Heh.. Actually, I would have seen it in the theater, only if I had managed to coax someone to tag along with me. Unfortunately, my friends do not get the same cheap thrills from such movies that I do.

So, I had to make do with when the friendly neighbourhood cable guy screened it a few days back. Ditto for Jimmy :-)

Scarlett said...

Jimmy? The Mimoh movie??? U watched that too?????

Nirav said...

Oops.. I had been advised not to tell people about this! Shit!

Pl. don't judge me based on this. Everyone has his Achilles Heel :-)

Scarlett said...

I'm aware of quite a few of your Achilles Heels thanks to your older blog posts!
BTW...How do you know 'Serendipity'?

Nirav said...

Well, don't know her... landed on her blog somehow. But looks like you know her

Scarlett said...

Ofcourse I know her! :)