Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh, What A Night!

Oh, what a night

Late December back in '63

What a very special time for me

'Cause I remember what a night

Oh, what a night

You know, I didn't even know her name

But I was never gonna be the same

What a lady. What a night

Oh, I...I got a funny feeling when she walked

In the room and I

As I recall it ended much too soon

Oh, what a night

Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me

She was everything I dreamed she'd be

Sweet surrender, what a night!


The knife said...

huh! you are older than I thought ;) that explains the profoundness

Scarlett said...

Lol!! Don't get deceived by all that you read :)
BTW...How old DID you think I was?

The knife said...

28? Anyway not old enough to witness something which happened in 63. Unless I am missing a trick

Scarlett said...

Lol. It's a song called 'Oh What A Night!' :)

Uncertain said...

the trick is in getting the '-10' to work

Scarlett said...

And it will.