Monday, September 15, 2008

Entwined Destinies

I have always been intrigued by why we meet the people that we meet in our lives.

It seems to me that there is a reason you meet every single person that you do. You don’t know it upfront obviously, but during the course of life certain things happen that make you realize that there WAS a reason you met X, Y or Z.

Some people pull us out of trouble. Some help us when we really need help. Some come into our lives to teach us certain things about ourselves, life or the world we live in. Some add the fun quotient to our lives. Some enrich our lives in a way that we realize one fine day when we’re doing some sort of introspection.

In short, no one exists in our lives “just like that”.

I’m also completely baffled by the fact that we often meet complete strangers who come out of nowhere & become such an integral part of our lives that it becomes difficult to imagine life without them.

There is no logical explanation for meeting them….you’ve grown up in two different worlds, your backgrounds are as different from each other as chalk is from cheese, you interact with two sets of people who have nothing to do with each other etc. Yet, you get thrown into a common circumstance by some freaky stroke of luck…such as ending up at the same workplace, or you move to a completely new city and meet someone randomly…and you become the closest of friends. Sometimes even life partners. When you look back you find it completely bizarre that you met because until a while ago you didn't have a clue of each other's existence!!

This is as intriguing as it is baffling, but it is these people that we meet randomly along the way that make life worth every bit of pain that it is :)


The knife said...

guess that pretty much sums up how I met my life. Let's look at the scorecard
- Bombayite vs England to Iran to Calcutta to Bombay
- Advertising professional, that too copy writer vs market researcher who moved into advtg, found his wife, got married, moved out
- Parsi vs Bengali - love of meat and all things British being the only common threads between the two communities madame you are indeed very profound and wise

Scarlett said...

Aren't I always? :)

Staarin said...

‘Absence of proof is not proof of absence’

Scarlett said...

@ Staarin - Nice to hear from you BUT...please leave comments that are simpler to understand :)