Thursday, April 30, 2009

SRK de-coded

This article was published in The Telegraph today, along with this rate card. Quite funny it is :)

From Durban dard to disco at wedding - SRK back home for vote and work

Mumbai, April 29: Shah Rukh Khan had vowed to “barge in (to)” Calcutta with the IPL trophy and show “some new dance moves”.

With the odds stacking up against his Knight Riders, he will make good a part of the promise and dance — not in Calcutta, but at a Mumbai wedding.

The actor flew back to Mumbai on liquor baron Vijay Mallya’s private jet today “to cast his vote” in tomorrow’s election. “I will go back only if the team does well,” the star said on arrival, hours before the Knight Riders lost yet another match, ironically to Mallya’s Royal Challengers in Durban.

“Vote or no vote, he would have returned on Wednesday because he has been hired to dance at a wedding in Mumbai on Thursday,” said an aide of the actor who himself could not be reached for comment.

Sources said Shah Rukh would be paid around Rs 2 crore for a 20-minute performance at the wedding of Mumbai builder Kanti Gowani’s nephew. The actor had reportedly charged Rs 1.5 crore for his number at the wedding of steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal’s daughter.

“Earlier, the plan was to perform at the Gowani wedding and then return to South Africa. But now with his team doing so poorly, he has decided to stay put in Mumbai. In fact, negotiations are on with a couple of other parties who are keen to hire him for such private performances,” said the SRK aide.

Shah Rukh had said last year that if his IPL venture hit red despite the advertising revenue, he would break even by dancing at a few more weddings. He had also requested Sourav Ganguly and John Buchanan to dance at the beginning of every game. The steps, obviously, didn’t match.

Sources said the actor has now sent out word that he would be available for weddings — not just to dance — but as a “full-time guest”. “He can be available, say for three days, for Rs 12 crore,” said a source in GS Entertainment, the event management company handling the Gowani wedding shows.

The Gowanis have already circulated an invitation card for the wedding that lists the names and photos of the stars along with the days and wedding events for which they would perform.
“There will be two pre-wedding shows — on April 30 and May 2. The first show will have Shah Rukh, Bipasha (Basu), Rani (Mukherjee) and Emraan Hashmi. Shiamak Davar will choreograph Shah Rukh’s show and television actress Rakshanda Khan will be the master for ceremonies,” said the source in GS Entertainment.


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Scarlett said...

I knew they do it. What appalls me is that they resort to dancing at weddings for money. I mean, there's one school of thought that argues what's wrong with it, it's hard-earned/legal money rather than black money etc. But then it's dancing at weddings for money at the end of the day.

The knife said...

I guess he needed the money with noone buying Knightriders jerseys this time

Scarlett said...

He had said that if he's not able to recover his money through sponsorships & advertising revenue, he'll dance at weddings to make up for it.