Thursday, November 26, 2009

Of Nice Guys & Imperfections

Nice guys are such a rarity, right? You know the kind of guys who don’t swear, talk respectfully all the time, who make sure they drop you back home after a night out even if you’re not their girlfriend, who always hail a cab for you & hold the door for you, who always give up their seat for a woman etc.

But you know what….after a point even nice guys get annoying! Just like perfect women are annoying.

You know the thing they say about perfection….how we all look for someone who’s just a little bit imperfect b/c that tiny bit of imperfection makes them even more appealing & attractive?

Well, guess what….that’s all bull. We look for someone with imperfections b/c they make us feel better about our own short-comings. They reassure us about ourselves. And we all look for external reassurance, alright. Anyone who says we don’t is probably the most insecure person around.

Defense mechanism, they call it.


Moonshine said...

At times you want a reaction from them!! Imagine a life where a person is always polite, always the perfect gentleman... at times one wants reactions, one wants to shake up these people who do not have those twinges of extremes!!!! I dont know if its a function of own shortcomings or external reassurance.. but whatever it is!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I feel it's normal not to be perfect. We want reactions from others just as we react to people/situations ourselves. Someone who's always nice is boring.

The knife said...

that's why a touch of chilly in a dessert or a bit of sugar in a spicy dish can make all the difference ... and I'll take the Metro the next time :)

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - LOL. I wasn't referring to you!!

And I agree with the "bit of sugar in a spicy dish" bit but "chilly in a dessert"? Are you referring to the green chilly vodka cheesecake (or something to that effect)?

The knife said...

he he so not a nice guy... or have imperfections?

I once had a lovely chilly mousse during a tasting at Zenzi. I feel that a touch salt lives up desserts too