Friday, November 19, 2010

The 500th Post

So here it is.....the 500th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I thought a lot about all that I could write to make this post special - what blogging has come to mean to me, the way I've changed, and in certain aspects grown, over the past three years that I've been blogging etc. But then I realized that the best thing blogging has given me is FRIENDS!

No, I'm not one of those people who live their lives online and therefore, have more virtual friends than real ones. But blogging has given me some new friends, such as The Knife, and helped cement my friendship with some others, such as Moonshine. Then there are some who I don't know personally but enjoy reading immensely, such as Mumbai Diva, Mommie & Saltwater Blues (he's goddamn funny!).

Of course, there are the two people that I need to thank for getting me started - Serendipity who doesn't blog half as much as I'd like her to and Staarin' who doesn't blog at all (or at least at a location I know of!).

To all of you reading this, thank you much for reading my blog. I hope you've had a good time. And here comes the best part, for me at least - if you read my blog and I don't know you do, SAY HI!! :)

Give the girl a pat on her back for reaching 500 posts, won't you? ;-)


bricks said...

ahh awesome.. congrats. happy blogging

The knife said...

hey congrats Scarlett. Celebrated no 500 with Mr and Mrs Moonshine. Missed you. Keep blogging

Moonshine said...

Hey Scarlett!!!!!! 500 posts!!!!!!!!!! Thats such a milestone.. so heres to 500 more! We did miss you yesterday.. it would have been great if you also had been there at Koshy's :))

SwB said...
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SwB said...

A big hug instead! Here's to 500 more!


Moonshine said...

Hey I like your "currently reading" idea!!! I plan to copy it :)

Scarlett said...

Hey Bricks, long time! :)

@The Knofe - Thanks! You chose a good place for the celebration. Thanks for having been with me since almost the beginning :)

@Moonshine - I missed the celebrations, I'm sorry :(

Please copy it :)

@SwB - Thanks!!! And you should blog more frequently!

mêlée said...

Wow 500th post!!! thats quite an achievement :) keep the good stuff coming

Supernova said...

Congrats! Where's teh party?! ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats :) new to your blog but have read through most of your posts. Keep it up and write more often.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ash, I recently stumbled on your blog from shobha de's blog. I have read almost all your posts. Keep up the good work.