Monday, November 1, 2010

It's Diwali Week!

This week (Diwali week) is one of my favorite weeks of the year, the other being the week leading up to Christmas. I love Diwali, really do. Just like Christmas engulfs one with warmth, Diwali brings me happiness - the uncomparable happiness of being with family. That the entire city is lit up and homes are aglow with candles/diyas only adds to the festivities.

This year though, I won't be with family over Diwali :( I'll be on my lonesome onesome, but that hasn't stopped me from lighting up my house. Yes, the lights are up in my house! They make the ambience so festive. And in the spirit of the festival, I've decided that I'll try to wear saris to work as many days as I can this week. It's very unlike me, I know, but the fact is that I really do need to get comfortable in a sari and the festivities around are giving me a good reason to wear them!

Seriously though, I see women gliding in saris all around me. They wear it so gracefully and carry it with such ease, you'd think they were born wearing it. I, on the other hand, cannot wear it for eight hours without getting murderous thoughts in my mind. Saris are annoying. First of all, there's so much cloth around you. I'm not used to so much cloth. Secondly, it's loose everywhere so you're constantly fretting about whether it's ballooning and making you look like a butterball or coming out from different sides. And third, it's so bloody difficult to climb in & out of a car wearing a sari. I somehow manage to clamber in and tumble out.

Saris may not be fun but Diwalis definitely are. So if I don't see you lovely people before Diwali on this space, you have yourselves a very Happy Diwali and a big truckload of happiness :)


the-mommie said...

Happy Diwali to you too! And happy sari trials! :) I LOVE wearing saris but after about 2 hrs or so, i've generally had quite enough! :)

I used to always wear saris to work during this time of the yr too - I used to wear it so rarely in general, so when i did one it was a big deal. always managed to lift my spirits and build the festive anticipation! gosh I miss home so much! U have fun lady! :)

The knife said...

I remember my first Durga Puja and Christmas alone at Mumbai. Heart goes out for you. Hopefully the nine yards of cloth will keep you preoccupied.

Scarlett said...

@The Mommie - Sad you can't be home this Diwali but I'm sure you can get hold of a bunch of candles. And there's nothing stopping you from wearing a sari :)

@The Knife - It's all good :)

Bluestocking said...

I love absolute favorite among the festivals - love the decking up (yes, in a sari :-)), the yummy food and the fireworks....happy diwali!

Moonshine said...

Am just back in time for Diwali!!! It is my absolutely the most favorite festival!! And i love wearign saris.. I guess i wear saris only about once or twice a year and hence it automatically makes me feel festive!!!! :)

The "nice" clothes for diwali as a concept has stayed with me all through life - I guess as I was brought up in Delhi. So now "nice traditiona clothes" to means making an effort and hence a sari!

But yeah... i find it very difficult to wear a sari through the day.. I just cannot sustain it.