Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A massive rock for engagement, a mansion in London & a holy friggin' cricket team as a wedding present, honeymoon in the Caribbean, and a flat in the tallest building in the world as a first anniversary present (just because you saw the building and wished aloud that it would be nice to have a house there!). Next is what....a private island off the coast of France? A personal jet?

Who needs love when marrying for money can be so much more rewarding?

Guess it's time to re-think my priorities!


agent green glass said...

ha ha. all the stuff that ran through my head when i say simpering shilpa. gah...why doesn't it happen to any of us.

Moonshine said...

I wish I was rich!!!!

Scarlett said...

@Agent Green Glass - B/c we're fools who didn't/wouldn't marry for money :)

@Moonshine - I wish I had a rich husband/daddy!

mêlée said...

love the profile pic!!
yeah we're better off without the wealth :)

Scarlett said...

Thanks Melee!

And are we? I'm not so sure :)