Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There's a pub in Bangalore that you should check out if you're visiting the city (or live there but haven't been to it yet). It's called Opus and is run by Carlton Braganza, a Goan. I don't need to tell you much about the place - you can check it out yourself as they have their own website, blog and how cool is this - their own 24x7 internet radio!

Opus is a laid-back pub. The layout is very Goan and resembles a beach setting - open air, pebbled floor, low stone tables with floor cushions, white color scheme. The music can range from hip hop to rock to retro to reggae to pretty much anything, depending on public demand.

I went there on a Sunday evening with Moonshine & her husband. It was karaoke night and I was surprised to see how full the place was! Most people were singing really well. I was then informed that many of those people were regulars at Opus' karaoke nights. Of course, there were croakers too, but nobody cared because everyone was having such a good time singing along (the lyrics are flashed on a screen).

The start to the evening was a little mellow but nice. Then someone sang 'I've got a feeling' and everyone was on their toes. The party just kept getting wilder after that. I didn't know karaoke could be so much fun!

It's not only music that Opus has to offer though. They stage plays, have quiz nights and regular music nights as well (Friday & Saturday I believe?). You can check out their calender here. The food is mainly Goan with a couple of Chinese & continental dishes thrown in, and is lip-smacking. The drinks are good too.

Talking of partying, one of the funny things age does to you is that it kind of turns you off partying. You know, the kind where you just want to get drunk and dance till your feet can't support you any longer. I haven't indulged in that kind of partying in over 3 years now, and to think that I always thought I'd be one of those rare people who'd party even when she was in her 40s! I much prefer "lounging" now; I like to hang out with friends at lounge bars with a couple of drinks and music that I like in the background (not the overpowering kinds that doesn't let you make conversation). Or a langurous dinner.

There was of course a time when I used to party 2-3 nights a week. I was in college then. Once I started working the frequency dwindled and now as I said, I haven't partied in more than 3 years! But, I'm about to break that jinx this weekend with my small gang of girl friends. We're having a girls' night out where there will be alcohol and there'll be music and there'll be dancing till our stilletoes...or the city cops...allow us to!


Moonshine said...

helloooosss!!!! I am back as you can see :))

Opus is one of the fun'nest' places I have been to! And thats because it is NOT a teeny bopper place!! Though the day we went, there was one set of people who were annoying - the ones who wouldnt get off the stage!!! Usually there are more of these non singers who perform!! :)) Come soon again and we can turn up there again!!!!

Partying is fun even now - though with the right people and at the right place!!

bricks said...

Gosh! sounds like a happening place. Have fun.

Happy Diwali. :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Welcome back, you! I didn't mind those people so much...they were just having fun. I did mind the people behind me who kept kicking me though...the annoying girl with her boyfriend. And the people who started walking over our mattress with their shoes on. I'm looking forward to going to Opus again :)

@Bricks - It's fun, you should check it out when you're in Bangalore next. And Happy Diwali to you too :)

Mumbai Paused said...

They only pay lip service to the food. It's tasty stuff, hope they paid more attention to that.