Sunday, November 7, 2010

When Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hanging out with girls can be the most fun. Boys can simply never match up :)

I went for a karaoke night with two of my girl friends yesterday at this new pub/lounge in town. I must admit I expected a great deal out of it, but that's b/c I'd recently been to an awesome karaoke night in Bangalore.

Well, what can I say except that I should've known better. As it turned out, our DJ, who incidentally came from Bangalore, claimed to be the "best karaoke DJ in India" and went by the tagline of "software engineer turned heartware entrepreneur" had left his flash drive with all his English songs somewhere. So what we were left with were really sad Bollywood songs such as 'raat kali ek khwab mein aayi' and 'pyaar deewana hota hai', which are great songs to hear when you want to have a quiet evening at home but not stuff you want to sing at karaokes. But we had no choice other than to make the most of what we had since we'd already paid a rather high cover charge.

The three of us started singing songs on stage. To put things in perspective, I never sing at karaokes b/c I can't sing to save my life. I don't even sing in the bathroom! But there was no other way to enjoy our evening. We sang songs such as 'tu tu hai wahi', 'roop tera mastana', 'kajrare' and 'desi girls'. I'm sure the other people there thought we were tripping on some really good stuff b/c we were volunteering to sing the most number of songs! But sometimes things can be so bad that they become fun in their own way. And we did end up having a great time, inspite of the DJ who kept snatching our mike away in the middle of songs to sing himself. Thank God for the unlimited alcohol!


The knife said...

K often talks of the role reversal between men and women nowadays

Moonshine said...

I so wish I was there!!! I can totally imagine you guys going up on stage and singing tu tu hai hai wahi!!!!!!!!!!!! So much fun!!!

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - You mean how women are partying & celebrating without men around? :P

@Moonshine - I missed you! It WAS so much fun! We were so out of tune, it wasn't even funny. But we didn't care one bit 'coz not that there were any really good singers around. And out of all the songs we sang, we had the most fun singing 'tu tu hai wahi' & 'aap jaisa koi'.

Funny thing happened towards the end of the night though...a girl came up on stage & wanted to dance with me...LOL...and then when we were leaving, she wanted us to stay for some more time!!