Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Cute Little Love Story

There are some memories that will always stay with you because they fill your heart with warmth every time you think of them.

I was 18 and had just moved to the US for college. He was 18 too and had moved to the UK. We had e-mail but for some strange reason we'd write each other letters. On those blue inland letters (remember?).

I honestly don't remember why we wrote letters but there was a certain kind of intimacy in receiving a letter from the person you loved and who loved you. Or make that lots of letters because he wrote lots! I think he wrote every other day because I'd receive 2-3 letters every week!

I'd rush back from class with huge anticipation. The first thing I'd do once back to my dorm was to run to my mailbox and check for his letters. I'd be elated when I found one. I'd read and re-read the letter until the next one came along. I'd be a little sad on days I had an empty mailbox. I think I'll always love him for that - for making my day countless number of times. Then I'd trudge to the post-office on campus, buy an inland letter myself and write back.

For all the writing to each other that happened then, we aren't even in touch now. Life changes and how! I'm vaguely aware of what's going on in his life thanks to mutual friends but I haven't seen him or spoken to him in ten years and sometimes I really miss him. There's something about 'first love' that you just can't shake off no matter how much you try. It just never lets go of you.


Moonshine said...

How sweet!!!!

I used to write to my friends and relatives on Inland letters. And lately have been exchanging letters (not frequent though) with husband. It makes you feel so special, doesnt it!!!!

Actually, why dont you connect with him now? Just like that?

The knife said...

This brings back such warm memories...I guess letters were a big part of our lives...this post would possibly not come up five years later...

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - You live in the same house as your husband and you write him letters? That's interesting!

I tried connecting with him once on FB. Sent him a message and got a reply from his wife. He's now married with too kids, super busy with his career and his wife handles his social networking account, and for all I know even his mails! That to me is disturbing. And I don't want to rock his boat.

@Knife - Letters and even cards. I used to look forward to Christmas/New Year when I could exchange cards with my friends. Or even on birthdays. Shopping for cards would be a big exercise. I miss those days :(

The knife said...

Looking at the letter box after school and college looking for letters, stamps at Bandra PO, looking at light blue letter boxes for Metro Mail...gosh can almost make a Richard Marx ballad

Moonshine said...

Scarlett, like i said.. special occasions!! Like anniv or birthday or something.. I would rather give a handwritten note than anything else!!! :)

Getting someone else to manage the social networking accounts quite defeats the purpose doesnt it!!!!