Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gone Are the Days...

....when I would feverishly start making plans for the weekend on Friday evening itself. Now my answer to queries on what plans I have for the weekend generally is, "I don't have any yet", or "I don't know, I think I just want to chill". I wake up on Saturday morning & check if someone's up to doing something.

....when Saturday nights meant party nights and I'd feel completely unloved & unpopular if I had to spend a Saturday evening doing nothing. Now I'm OK with staying home on Saturday, ordering in, watching a movie. Or going for a quiet dinner & drinks followed by a movie, maybe.

....when I had to be out doing something on Sunday evenings because I'd get massive Sunday evening blues otherwise! Now I prefer Sunday evenings at home watching TV, reading a book or chit-chatting with The Boy. At most, I'd meet a friend for coffee.

Life changes and how! Or are these signs that I'm getting old? :(


Moonshine said...

getting old scarlett, getting old!! I love being alone.. watching a movie.. reading a good book.. a chilled weekend!!!

bricks said...

A sunday/ weekend all to yourself is not that bad. For one, you get to blog more and we get to read some good blogs more. So, be it. :)

And of course, you can't be getting younger either.

The knife said...

I spend most Friday nights on the treadmill...yes it is the 30s