Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

So, appalled at the lack of enthusiasm around our favorite festival, we tried to force some Christmas cheer into life. Took out our little Christmas tree and decorated it with ornaments. Went to Flury's and picked up a couple of plum cakes (thanks to the mother who warned there better be plum cakes in the house when she comes visiting for Christmas-New Year's!)

I think it's going to be a quiet Christmas with mum. We'll probably go out for lunch, watch a movie, have cake & hot chocolate...that kinda stuff. And I don't mind, actually.

Gasp! I'm getting old. That's what it is!

Though there is the little person inside me jumpin' 'n' dancin' around 'coz it's X-Mas. And as long as I have that enthusiasm in my heart for this time of the year, I needn't be scared about losing my love for Christmas. Or getting old for that matter!

Merry Christmas all you guys! Eat, drink, make merry, party...OR...chill at home, watch unending re-runs of 'Friends', watch your favorite Christmas movie, make whatever works for you. Just make sure to have a jolly good time!


Moonshine said...

My christmas will be quiet too.. And just now I plan to have a glass of wine!!! :)

bricks said...

another post showing concern about growing older? :)

Merry xmas. God bless you.

eye-in-sty-in said...

Merry Christmas Scarlett!

The christmas post also raises the million $ Q.... How are we planning the celebrate the new year?!!?

Supernova said...

Merry Christmas Scarlett! Hope you had a good day...

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Hope you had a fun Christmas.

@Bricks - What can I say, I can't get this growing older thing outta my head :P

And thanks! Hope you had a good Christmas.

@eye-in-sty-in - Hey, I missed you! Errrr...on my blog, that is :d

No plans for New Year celebrations. As a rule, I stay away from New Year parties organized by clubs etc. I prefer going to a house party or staying in. I think this time I'll be at home. What are your plans?

@Supernova - I did. How was your Christmas?

eye-in-sty-in said...

ha ha ha... I missed u too Scarlett! Just on the blog ;-)

new year shd be celebrated with a few selected ones in a warm n cozy environment... like say, a house party... thats my preference too ;-)

say, dont you have an email link put up on ur profile? like the one I have on mine? just a thought....

bricks said...

A very pretty and white xmas, yes.
But not as much fun away from the family. Festivals aint supposed to be so quite.