Friday, July 4, 2008

Movie mania

I haven't posted anything major in a while. That's because work has been absolutely killing! I've been trying to meet insane deadlines - something I'm not used to thanks to the luxuries my previous company offered us in terms of timelines.

Until this afternoon I was facing the prospect of working over the weekend...something I completely loathe...but thanks to my diligence & hard work (read 'working like a dog') I've managed to salvage my weekend!! YAYYY!!!

Though I must mention here that my boss does make my life a little easy...he's not the constantly-breathing-down-your-neck-control-freak kinds & lets me pace things out as I want to - as long as we're not digressing too much from the client's eccentric requirements. Still it's a struggle!

So...back to blogging about better things.


Since I left Bombay in April, I have watched exactly two movies in a theater - Sarkar Raj and Sex & the City. That's not only sad, it's DEVASTATING. I love watching movies and the reason I haven't watched many since moving to Calcutta are:

a. I don't have many friends in Calcutta. The few I have are "work" friends who too, like me, work like dogs. It's a great big dog party at work, trust me! And you are cordially invited :)

b. The work friends mentioned above aren't movie buffs. They would rather eat, eat & eat some more and get into stupid accidents (where one falls off the back of a bike & lies splayed on his back on the middle of the a drama king...refuses to get up...has to be hauled (literally) to the side of the road by two people & the first thing he says is "Michael Schumacher also used to lie like this whenever he got into an accident!!"

c. My sister would rather watch movies on DVD - which I feel is such a waste unless you're watching a late-night movie

SO...Scarlett gets to watch no movies. Hmpfff.

I used to watch AT LEAST one movie a weekend in Bombay. Sure, it had it's pitfalls - I've seen a lot of bad, rather pathetic movies, but then I've also watched many good ones. It didn't matter because I love watching movies!

My ex-roommate & I used to go for movies at 9.30 in the night on weekdays. Once we were walking to Gaiety-Galaxy from our house in Bandra for a 9.30 movie. It started pouring midway & by the time we got there we were soaked. Yet, we valiantly bought tickets & went inside the theater. It was one of the cozy 40-seat theaters Gaiety-Galazy has, that I miss so much now! We were the only two girls in the theater, surrounded by guys on all sides. And guess what movie we were watching??


Bet you're scared!! LOL :)

God, it was a terrible movie! Yet we watched it till the end. It was insane!

When Mumbai got flooded on July 26th, we didn't go to work for about 2-3 days. Yet we made it to Suburbia & Gaiety-Galaxy for movies!

I think the movie bug is a very Bombay thing. Movies are such an essential part of the city & the lives of people in the's amazing & I love it!!

Okay, I think by now you definitely know how much I love movies so I should stop rambling. My creative juices have gone into nourishing proposals & questionnaires. Just glad I've had time to write something again. Hope my blog hasn't fallen off your respective radars :)

See y'all soon again. It's the weekend! YAYYY!!!

Time for Scarlett to PLAYYYYY!!!


The knife said...

ielkI saw Persepolis. day before. really good. I got it from the DVD rental guy who was coming from someone who had better sense to pick up the Nanny Diaries from our house. Watch it. persepolis that is. I used to watch a lot more movies in Bombay than in cal...more theatres to start with plus night show was an option as the city didn't have a curfew...

Moonshine said...

I can totally understand what you mean... havent watched movie since the last .. cant even remember how many weeks... definitely more than a month.. sarkar raj is still pending... hope to watch it this weekend.. will definitely watch Jaane tu.. looks cute.. the guy esp!!!! :-)

Scarlett said...

@the knife - will watch persepolis. i've heard 'get smart' is a fun movie too. its about two detectives, anne hathaway being one of them.

@moonshine - some people have already watched jaane tu...and they said it's a very good movie. must watch!

Psyched said...

how come...

U made me go addicted to movies... and ur staying away from the cinemas...

there are movies everywhere... dwlds... dvd's... theatre... everywhere arnd...

u shud make a move to this place... and then we can continue the saga of never ending movies...


Scarlett said...

i'm not staying away by choice. in case u read my post carefully, its out of compulsion :)

Psyched said...

I only commented on the end result

and not on what is causing what

The knife said...

i watched cinema paradiso on a dvd this weekend. was blown away. awesome. must see. Missed the samosas at G& though

Ashwin said...

I have bogeyman on my hard drive somewhere... haven't watched it yet.

Scarlett said...

@ Ashwin - Please don't!!