Saturday, July 5, 2008

Victory of the Strawberries

This friend of mine asks for face wash everytime he comes to my house. Until a few days ago I was using a strawberry face wash. Now, I like strawberry face washes. They smell fruity (obviously) & nice. He would make fun of me every single time, saying 'you're such a girl' & all the other annoying things stupid boys like to call girls.

So finally my strawberry face wash got over. And why would it not, given that he used to slather it on his face? Then I went and bought three different types of face washes that I intend to use simultaneously. One is Lakme Pure Defense, which protects your skin from pollution. The second is Garnier Fresh, which is....errrr....a freshening face wash. And the third one is Garnier Pure Face Wash, which is an exfoliating face wash that opens up the pores of your skin so your skin can breeeeeeeeathe.

The co-existence of these face washes in my bathroom is perfectly justified in my head. I use the Pure Defense face wash after returning from work, Garnier Fresh in the morning when I'm taking a shower & Garnier Pure at night before going to bed, so my skin can breathe at night! Doesn't it make perfect sense? Apparently, it doesn't to the male mind. Their problem really, since it's THEIR skin that's not getting protected from pollution & exfoliated everyday.

So when my friend came to visit me the last time & asked for face wash as usual, I presented him with the three choices. His eyes were literally spinning between the three and then on to me, while I had a big grin on my face! He was confused and I was having a ball. I also had the last laugh btw, because he went "Just give me your strawberry face wash."


Moral of the Story : Never make fun of a girl's strawberry face wash!!


The knife said...

u'd be surprised to know how many love the strawberry flavoured stuff. i do and i keep filching my wife's stuff from Watson- hand wash, yogurt bath - I guess reminds me off the strawberry flavoured toothpaste I used as a toddler

Scarlett said...

LOL. That Watson Yogurt bath is good stuff. I'm a fan too!

The knife said...

yes quite a good pick me up when one is quite frazzled

Scarlett said...

ANY kind of fruity fragrance is a good pick-me up. i currently have strawberry, mixed fruit, grape fruit, cucumber, kiwi & passionfruit in my bathroom :)

The knife said...

we have bodyshop's strawberry, passion fruit and some olive thingie...makes one hungry