Friday, July 11, 2008

Reality Bytes

I was watching ‘Kya Aap Paachvi Pass Se Tez Hain’ today. Reality shows, particularly the ones with a celebrity host, can be really amusing at times. They get the most freaky, psychotic contestants that lose all sense of self and become worse than star-eyed in the company of the star host.

Take for instance, a 61-year old lady from Hyderabad that came on the show today. She came swaying onto the stage wearing a sash & a crown for some ‘Best Secretary Contest’ she’d won in Hyderabad! Okkkay! She started hugging SRK to find out if he’s for real. When she got an answer right, she told SRK that he’s great! SRK was amused. His reply : “Actually, I’m not great. It’s the people behind our show who give such easy questions.” Then she randomly started singing ‘Abhi Toh Main Jawaan Hoon’ & dancing. Must take him a lot to refrain from laughing when faced with such KRAZZY contestants!

The guy who came before this lady was even more retarded. He kept asking if the kid (who btw was there to help him out IN CASE he couldn’t get an answer right), had frozen his answer. His idiocy even made SRK remark, “You’re depending on the kid to get your answers right?” There are so many people coming on these reality shows, I wonder how SRK restrains himself from slapping them! Like this girl, an MBA student, who did not know there are 7 continents and didn’t know the names of the continents either! She even did not know which months have 30 days and which ones have 31!!

So even though there is an overdose of reality shows on television today, some of them can be very amusing and hilarious! The Indian Idol auditions being the best example.


Moonshine said...

Its hilarious isnt it... a good time pass!!!! Cant think of a better way!!! But not many shows can hold your attention... there are hazaar "reality" shows on TV today

Scarlett said...

U're right. There's an OD of reality TV these days but some are genuinely funny. Such psychotic people come on those shows!