Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Russian Roulette

Life is random. You don't know what's going to hit you & when!!

You might be driving to work like you do every single day and get a call from someone telling you of a bomb blast somewhere.

You might be in the middle of shopping, gearing up for a party or making plans for the big weekend when your boyfriend/girlfriend suddenly calls you & tells you that they want to break up right then!!

You might open the morning newspaper or turn on the new channel not expecting to find much except the usual stories of corruption, rape, floods, famine, thieves breaking into the house of an old couple, killing them & making way with their valuables...but you read about someone who was very real to you getting killed or worse still, committing suicide.

The death of Heath Ledger came as one such unexpected incident. The other happened last night when I randomly tuned in to a news channel. The winner of one of the reality shows, Ishmeet Singh who won the singing show 'Voice of India', drowned in Maldives where he had gone to perform for a show! He must've been 25 years old or so.

Honestly, I was zapped in both cases.

I didn't personally know either of these people but I still say they were "real" to me because of what I've seen of them on screen. I really liked Heath Ledger in 'The Patriot', 'A Knight's Tale' & 'Brokeback Mountain'... especially 'Brokeback...'. His portrayal of the character was very true to life. I thought he was a good actor with a lot of potential.

As for Ishmeet, I wasn't a regular viewer of the show he was a part of but I did watch a couple of episodes, and I believe he was quite popular both among the audience & the judges. I do remember watching him perform a few times, I remember his interviews being aired on many news channels (especially the Hindi ones) after he won the show. I did see a lot of him on that he was quite real. And to suddenly switch on the TV and learn that he drowned in the Maldives is scary.

Actually, it's not even's random, absurd, surreal, maybe even shocking. You never know when time's up!!

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Moonshine said...

Everyday, without fail, you tend to read about someone or the other (known to us, not known to us).. who get killed randomly.. an accident, a murder.. and suddenly this has shot through the roof.. or maybe it used to happen earlier too.. just that all getting reported now!!