Thursday, January 15, 2009


From the title of this post, you know I'm not going to be writing about something happy or funny. So read on only if you're in the mood to put up with some raving, ranting & whining (for completely self-inflicted problems).

It’s that dreaded horrid time of the year. The time to declare all the investments you made during the past financial year (or the lack thereof), produce the lease agreement, rent receipts ya di ya da. And needless to say, I suck at it. BIG TIME.

I’m generally bad at financial stuff. I can just about deal with managing my bank account. I’m positively pathetic at figuring out how much to invest where & at storing my important documents in an organized manner. I’m careless, disorganized & completely clueless when it comes to financial paperwork, and the day before I’m supposed to produce proofs of investment, I go scurrying around trying to locate the documents! In the end, I somehow manage to pull through. Rather, things pull themselves through for me. This happens every year without exception.

Every time it happens, I get lectured by my mom on how I shouldn’t be so careless & disorganized in life, and how I need to have a file to store all important documents. What follows is a yelling match, obviously. When I’m in a crisis, I need a solution, not a lecture on what I should have done! Because I KNOW I should’ve done it but I didn’t, right? So let’s drop it!!

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm proud of this habit of mine. It's a terrible habit to have, and every time it happens, I promise myself I'll try to be more organized in the future. But somehow that just doesn't happen.

The other bad habit I have is to procrastinate over things & leave them for the last moment. Making investments, booking tickets (if I need to travel), taking print-outs of the tickets, packing...I leave everything for the last minute. My mother is just the opposite! She will make her travel reservations months in advance, keep the tickets ready, and start packing at least a week before she's supposed to leave! All her important documents are filed in a meticulous manner. I mean, seriously, she couldn't be more organized if she wanted to!

Anyway, I'm digressing. The point is - tomorrow is the last day for submitting all investment proofs and like every year, I’m scurrying around trying to gather them. Not to mention having to put up with stress I could really do without. Will I ever learn?


Random Words said...

Ditto for me... I felt so hassled to fill so many forms for all mutual funds, policies et al. And you have to collect statements/ receipts for all premium payments, SIPs, PPFs, FDs, rent payments and hell all the other things!I am doing all of this only right now.
Btw we have to do this by 31st of Jan. Still some days to go...YIPEE!!!

Scarlett said...

Last day for me is tomorrow! Grrrrrrrr

Moonshine said...

Was just looking for that mail yesterday.. i think i am even worse.. i dont even know half teh times what all i am supposed to do!! But here i have an advantage.. a husband who does understand the system.. :)

Scarlett said...

Trust me, that is the only reason I'd want to get someone can take care of my financial paperwork!!

The knife said...

seems like i could have written the post. Content-wise of course. i am the king of procastination and messy finance papers. I thought women were more organised though

Scarlett said...

You can't afford to be! You're the guy. Women are organized & pro-active but not about financial stuff :) Atleast I know I'm not.

The knife said...

Yes but I am also bengali. Our slogan is kobi kobi bhaab, chhonder obhab. We don't get into money matters.

I guess the fact that my in laws worked in banks could have led to the role reversals