Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I've Had Better Days

Woke up with:

  • Eyes itchy, watery & swollen like round puffy buttons
  • A congested nasal passage
  • A sinus-type headache

My years in Bombay have left me with an upper respiratory allergy (nose-throat area), which gets aggravated during the winters thanks to lower levels of humidity...which leads to a larger number of dust particles & pollution-whatever-you-call-it suspended in the air.

I’ve been waking up with itchy, watery eyes & a clogged nasal passage most days this winter. Sometimes it is accompanied by congestion & irritation in the throat as well, depending on how cold it is & the amount of dust & pollution outside.

What follows is a ritual of steam inhalations, hot water gargles, nasal decongestants & eye drops, depending on the severity of the symptoms. Today is one of those severe symptom days. I’ve been told eucalyptus & camphor oils are also effective in clearing the nasal passage.

A drug I swear by is Allegra. It works like magic! But it's a strong drug, so I avoid taking it unless I'm in really bad shape.

It’s a pain, I tell you, living with this condition. It’s irritating to say the least. Sometimes I hate big city living.


Moonshine said...

Oh poor you!!!! Worse is when it carries on for days, the slight sniffly feeling.... And you generally end up feeling so low!!

Watch some nice movie.. pamper yourself and you will feel better!!! :)

Scarlett said...

I think the best way to deal with all kinds of "aargh" feeling is to hit the bed! Which I'm going to do now. I made fruit custard to make myself feel better :)

Moonshine said...

Hot soup is also quite effective :) Or better still watch Gray's Anatomy ;)

Scarlett said...

I contemplated making soup as well but then decided a dessert would make me happier than hot soup :) And ofcourse, nothing beats Gray's ;-)

Moonshine said...

Dr Shepherd is the medicine!!! :)

Scarlett said...

Gray's has now become one sleepathon! Everyone's sleeping with each other! It's all about sleeping together now.

The knife said...

funny you wrote this. One key reason for leaving Cal was I could not handle the pollution there. I would get quite breathless at night in the last two winters.
I still sniffle here but never that bad.
Cetzine works for me.
Get well soon

Scarlett said...

@Knife - Cetzine doesn't work for me anymore. Atleast I don't think it does. Is it possible that one's body gets used to it?