Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tales of Teadle the Tard

I apologize for the retarded title to this post. I was trying to draw inspiration from J K Rowling (on whose books I’ve spent thousand of Rupees) & get a little creative!

Anyway, this post is about tea, my love for the beverage & how it forms the core of my existence.

The fact is…I am dysfunctional without tea. As it is, I’m not a morning person. I am grumpy and not at all sociable in the mornings, and without tea I am at my irritable best. Tea is my poison. I can’t start functioning without a BIG mug in the mornings, and having a cup in the evenings when I come home after work is like closing the chapter of the day!

My ex-roommate & I used to live for & bond over tea. On weekends when the two of us had time to chill at home, we used to have 4-5 mugs of tea in a day. You will rarely see me say 'no' to a cup of piping hot tea, be it anytime of the day!

So how do I like my tea? Actually, I’m not very fussy about it except that it shouldn’t be too milky or too light. I like tea that is strong, so I just love the tea you get at roadside stalls or dhabas. I absolutely detest the tea that my mom has. You know, the leaf tea that needs to be brewed in a pot & is ‘Oh so English!’ It’s watery, light & has a taste that stays in your mouth for hours!

I prefer having tea at other people’s places rather than coffee because honestly, I feel people in India, especially North India, do not know how to make coffee! They make it very milky. The general perception is that the milkier the coffee, the better it is. Whereas I like coffee that is strong & bitter.

I am pretty much a caffeine addict but the way I justify it is by telling myself that I could be addicted to much worse things in life.


Moonshine said...

lol!!!! Your title is quite creative!!!! lol

My morning tea is the most precious. I am ok with skipping evening tea which i do these days.. but morning tea... thats why yesterday or was it day before i was very upset that we didnt have any tea.. and i was like how will i survive!!!!

I rem once in Bombay sugar got over.. and like i said i cannot function without my morning tea, which has to be perfect.. i cant have sugarless or milkless tea... so i actually, walked over to our neighbours and borrowed sugar early morning!!!!! And knowing me.. you know i am not that kind of a person!!!!! But when desperate...

Scarlett said...

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I too have been skipping evening tea of late b/c we have tea bags in office & you have to get the water-milk mix from the vending machine. Which is better than the horrible elaichi tea you get from vending machines but is still not good enough. So I usually end up with just one big mug of tea in the day, the morning tea, and therefore it has to be P-E-R-F-E-C-T :)