Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All In A Day's Work

We stumble. We fall. We get up. We gather the pieces. We move on.

We go to bed after a shitty day. We wake up. We hope it will be a good day. It’s a shitty day. We shrug. We go to bed.

We suffer heartbreak. We cry. We wipe our tears. We vow never to fall in love again. We learn our lessons. We fall in love. We smile.

We’re sad. We’re happy. We’re angry. We’re mellow. We’re excited. We’re depressed.

We’re hungry. We’re stuffed. We’re thirsty. We’re satiated. We’re craving. We’re satisfied.

We’re bruised. We’re healed. We’re broken. We’re mended. We’re battered. We’re good as new.

We doubt. We believe. We question. We follow. We distrust. We trust. We fight. We make up.

We repel. We attract. We expel. We let in. We exclude. We include.

We shun. We hug. We reject. We embrace. We escape. We confront. We take. We give.

We detest. We love. All in a day's work. We’re one thing at many times. And many things at once.


Moonshine said...

Very nicely written i must say... actually i read your post twice.. first for fun.. and second time just to think as i read each and every emotion..did i feel all that.. today.. the answer is yes.. well, most of it!!!!! Its quite amazing the gamut of emotions you can go through even in a single min!!!

Scarlett said...

I started writing that post randomly. Was dying to write something but didn't know what to write on! So started typing arbitrarily...had no clue where the post was going while writing the first couple of lines. Then I realized I was writing about contrasting emotions, and how we can swing from one to the other within a single day! Turned out quite OK I must say...Lol :)

Scarlett said...

BTW...the ability to write is quite therapeutic, isn't it?

Moonshine said...

I dotn quite know if i have the "ability" to write... but yeah i do love writing... it is extremely therapeutic.. writing the blog.. putting your thoughts on paper!!

Arbit it may have been, but it is not when you read it in full!!! Its really very well written.. i know i am repeating myself.. but still :)

Scarlett said...

Thanks Moonshine! You're so sweet!! :) The thing about blog is...you're not only writing, you're even getting published in a way. That's a high!!

Moonshine said...

I wish we get published sometime in our life!!!! That would be super cool

Scarlett said...

Amen to that.