Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

Sanjay Dutt seems to have lost it completely after having married his item girl wife. I was reading one of his interviews in the paper this morning, where he’s telling his sister (Priya Dutt) that a girl MUST assume her husband’s last name after marriage & all the responsibilities that come with it, instead of hanging on to her parents’ last name.

He also said that there’s only one Mr. & Mrs. Dutt at Imperial Heights, Pali Hill, and that is him & his wife.

All this apparently b/c Priya Dutt doesn’t like his wife Manyata.

Sanjay Dutt has married an item girl. Why would she not take on his last name? He’s a Dutt after all!!

What’s sad is that he said his wife is more important for him than his sisters! And that unfortunately, his thinking still belongs to the Dark Age.

Another one bites the dust. In love that is.


Moonshine said...

This name change thing is extremely strange.... people either say we must do it and there is no other way it can be... while on the other end there are a set of people (read me) who will not do it...

The problem with the name change is... its been my identity for so many many yrs... why do i need to change my identity now just becz i am married? And if guys feel that women need to take on their name bcz of some sense of responsibility, then dont guys have any responsibility? Why cant they change their name to embrace the girl's surname?

Scarlett said...

Oh don't even get me started on this issue! I've had problems with this ideology ever since I became aware of its existence. Issues like changing the girl's last name after marriage, the girl leaving her own family behind & moving in with her in-laws after marriage (as opposed to both the guy & girl moving out on their own) get my goat. I can have endless arguments & tend to get really aggressive on these issues! I will at no cost change my last name. a) It has been my identity for as long as I have lived, and b) I think dropping my parents' last name would be an insult to my parents who have done so much for me that no one else can ever do! This entire "sense of responsibility" thing is bullshit. One doesn't need to change one's last name to take on the responsibility that comes along with marriage.

Moonshine said...

Exactly my point!!! Just because i am married doesnt mean i have changed my family!!!! Why do people insist on things i dont know!!! Thankfully in my case no one is bothered.. so peace prevails!!! :)