Friday, January 23, 2009

To The Gym

I love the idea of going to the gym.

Please note - I love the idea. The act, not so much. Of course, I love the results too - both short-term (the rush of endorphins right after you've finished working out, the feeling of having released all pent-up & negative energy, the satisfaction you get from a good rigorous workout) & long-term (the weighing machine becoming friendlier, dropping a size or two, dropping inches, a toned body). But the entire process of dragging myself to gym after work, changing into gym clothes and starting the work out is something I don't look forward to. Of course, once I start I'm in it completely.

I'm thinking of exploring Power Yoga & Kick Boxing but they'll have to be alongside gymming. I've paid for a year, afterall.

My favorite part of gymming is weight-training. That's something I really enjoy because I love a toned look. I don't like cardio - for the simple reason that I DON'T LIKE RUNNING LIKE A DOG AND GETTING NOWHERE! That's what you do on the treadmill. You run like a dog, and even after half an hour you're at the same spot! It's so pointless. If I'm running like my life depended on it, I'd at least like to GET SOMEWHERE. Maybe to an ice-cream parlor or a cake shop or a place I can get piping hot chocolate. Du-uh!!

I like the cross-trainer more. Atleast there's no illusion that I'm going somewhere! Plus, I tend to burn more calories on the cross-trainer than on the treadmill, and that definitely is more encouraging. Out with the treadmill, I say!

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