Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Behenji's Mala

The (self-proclaimed) Dalit Queen is back to doing what she does best - act like a megalomaniac. Politics is what she does on the side, 'megalomania' is her full-time profession.

From using government funds to celebrate her birthday with a party that was attended by 30,000 people while 300 people of her state died of a bitter cold wave, to having gigantic statues of herself erected all over the state, her politics revolves around self-glorification. And now this....

Her party members garlanded her with a 'currency' garland made of Rs 1000 notes, amounting to a total of Rs 5 crores. That's 5,00,00,000 rupees that could have been used towards providing primary education to a larger number of rural children, better healthcare facilities, or providing water, electricity & sanitation to villages that currently have no potable water, electricity and lack basic sanitation (of which there are many in U.P.).

The biggest slight to our currency if there ever was one, and consequently to our nation and to the kind of people we Indians are. Question is will she be allowed to get away with such self-obsessed monstrosity yet again?

Something tells me she will.


Chanz said...

its all about figures.. read them in the newspaper today... And I knew that I would get to read this on your blog today.. :)

Moonshine said...

So the question is where does the currency mala go post the celebrations?

Scarlett said...

@Chanz - Becoming predictable, am I? Guess we'll have to shake things up a little bit :)

@Moonshine - It was hurriedly removed from stage. I'm guessing it will be dismantled & the money will be used to make more Mayawati statues across UP.

Moonshine said...

There was a very interesting discussion on NDTV on this..other politicians counted the number of notes.. the thickness and the height of the mala and therefore the total value of it!!!!! rofl.. hilarious