Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lost Innocence?

School was about schoolbags, not big fashionista bags.

School was about playing anything from basketball to tag to hop skotch during lunch break, not talking on the cell phone.

School was about knee-length skirts, not mini skirts that show off waxed legs.

School was about playing with neighborhood kids in the evenings and reading Nancy Drews, not Cosmo Online.

Because there's the rest of your life for all of that. Someone please get these kids their childhood back!!


Moonshine said...

It is really sad. Though i am happy when i speak with my young cousin who is still like we were in school... though i am sure it will not remain so for long... what with her being on FB

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I think kids are maturing really fast these days. Which is a good thing in general but they don't know what it is to be "children" anymore.

Childhood was so much responsibilities apart from studying. But kids these days have the additional pressure of keeping up with the times in terms of fashion, gadgets etc. They're fast forwarding into adulthood. I wonder if they'll go on to regret having missed out on their childhood, later.