Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Getting into my Sweats as I Type

Hi people!

Genelia D'Souza went to the gym today. So did Preity Zinta. Arjun Rampal played 2 hours of tennis in the hot Bombay sun and put up pictures of his sweaty self for us to drool over. And I'm sure everyone else worth their salt has worked out today too since they are all fitness-conscious people (weight-conscious is so passe, you know), motivated (with truckloads of money, yeah sure!) and disciplined.

So I've decided I need to go to the gym too. Today. NOW. The gym is calling out to me. I'm feelin' it. Totally. Hell, yeah! 45 minutes on the treadmill...can life get more exciting?

But before I go, let's play a fun game....Pick a list of 3-4 actors/actresses and write a line about them. It HAS to be bitchy & fun, OK? Not nice 'n' sweet. 'Coz that's passe too, you know? And boring...and sleep inducing.

Here's my list:

Deepika Padukone: All hype, no substance

Katrina Kaif: Pretty but useless

Kareena Kapoor: Majorly over-rated

Aishwarya Rai: Never seen more plastic on anyone than her. Not even on the obsessed-with-facelifts-and-boob-implants Californians.

What's on your list?


Chanz said...

Katrina Kaif : Doesnt know how to dance

Kareena Kapoor : Funny calves she has got. And a funny name too.. Bebo..

Uday Chopra : Can somebody please tell him that he is no where near the so called 'movie material'

Abhishek Bachchan : When will he stop copying his father..

The knife said...

Just gloating, today L D was there to see me off to work. After being there to receive me at the lobby a few days back

ARUNA said...

I was going thru all your blogs...really appreciate u, how do u manage so many!!!

Scarlett said...

@Chanz - Oh yeah, Uday Chopra totally has a place on this list!

@The Knife - She's pretty!

@Aruna - LOL. I don't blog b/c I want to bag a publishing deal. So I don't need to do fancy, serious writing or write literature. Blogging is an escape/release from work & a means to de-stress. My posts usually take not more than 10-15 mins to write, so I snatch away some time...during lunch or after I go home :)

Nirav said...

Ok, coming back here after a while, but looks like I've timed the return right! Here goes:

SRK - Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic - needs acting classes

KJo - So obviously gay, why can't he come out of the closet?

Deepika - Needs lessons in diction and pronunciation

Saif - Perfect lay for hair transplant marketeers

Scarlett said...

@Nirav - Nice to have you back! Where've you been?? And why don't you blog anymore?

Nirav said...

Hey.. have been right here, but just been anonymous. Went back and read all your posts that I had missed too! Good to see that you are in a happy state in life :-)

It turned out to be an involuntary break for me from blogging - multiple reasons - work, personal life, etc etc... and then one loses the habit... Slowly inching back now!