Monday, March 15, 2010

This Is It

THE day is here. It seems like just another day. It seems the coming year will be like any other year. But my mind tells me that today is a really BIG day, and life SHOULD be different here onwards, or it will be one colossal waste. I’m confused. I don’t know who to listen to.

Yes, it’s scary being where I am. I know this is when ‘gravity’ starts hitting you and the only way to go is downhill. All of a sudden, I’m paranoid about dark spots, fine-lines & wrinkles…about the first grey hair…about the slowing down of metabolism…about creaks & pains in various parts of the body…all of which will make their presence felt very soon. There's also the pressure to make this year THE year that counts, professionally.

And the saddest part is that I’m not even excited about this day as I’ve been every year till now. Parties with friends have been replaced with a quiet cutting of the cake & a nice dinner with loved ones. Excitement has been replaced with an “Oh well, I’m down one more”.

It’s no fun turning 30. And every successive birthday is going to be just another number. Now I know why birthdays are no big deal for our parents.

Happy Birthday To Me. I want my 26 back :(


Serendipity said...

aww, i still lub you. wrinkles and all :D

and Ive learned - THERE IS NO GREEN GRASS. IT ISNT GRENER ON either side. Im 26 and keep fretting about turnign older so it isnt as much fun either

The knife said...

36 calling 30, wanna fast forward :)

Quiet dinner to bring in one's birthday is very 30s. Enjoy it. One day you will be 40.

Have a great day and hope that the friends you clebrate no 30 are as great as Rachel's

bricks said...

Happy birthday.
Wish you all the luck and the best works.

Moonshine said...

Hey dont be glum. Enjoy your day!!!! ANother way to look at it... I am hitting 31 soon... you are still 30 :) !!!! There is always a better benchmark!!

Have loads of fun... and dont fret. There are many many many things to look forward to :)

And i love quiet dinners.. i dont know when it changed for me (i think when i was still in 20's).. but i just love it!!!!!

Scarlett said...

@Serendipity - You made me write this post. YOU YOU YOU!!! :P

I love you too :)

@The Knife - No wanna fast forward, thank you :)

@Bricks - Thanks! Good to know you're still reading me :)

@Moonshine - I love dinners in general. Birthdays were always loud for me...surrounded by as many people as I could gather. But I think now it's going to be about family & close friends...friends that you handpick as if you were picking the choicest grapes for the best wine in the world. You, Serendipity & Knife would be part of the group :)

Moonshine said...

Hey.. that sounds quite nice.. a nice dinner with all of us together :)

Choicest grapes,best wine.. sounds like us :)

The knife said...

Hey thanks so much Scarlett. I'll cook. Coincidentally landed up at 5 Spice yesterday. What could be more appropriate on your birthday :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Yes, we know all about getting drunk & having fun, don't we? Coincidentally, the only alcohol I like these days is wine.

@The Knife - Thanks for celebrating my birthday at my favorite Chinese restaurant in the whole wide worrrrld :D