Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PZ on Twitter

Preity Zinta is one of the funniest celebrities to follow on Twitter, and not in a good way. Reading her updates will make you wonder if she’s become delusional.

For instance, she once tweeted that she will get back to movies once this year's IPL is over.

Err…umm…does she have anything left to get back to??

Another time, right before the Filmfare awards, she tweeted that she’s really nervous about attending the awards and that actors generally are b/c they don’t know if they’ll win!

Excuse me once again…have I been missing all the Bollywood action happening in Preity Zinta’s life? Has she been doing movies by the dozen and getting nominated for them? Have I been living in Iceland and socializing with Eskimos all the while that was happening?

She has also tweeted about how “stunning” Aishwarya Rai looked at the party hosted by Anil & Tina Ambani for the film industry a few days ago. She was talking about THIS…

Photo Courtesy: http://highheelconfidential.com

Sorry, but I find nothing "stunning" about a satin shirt from the 1960s, red 'puja' thread (why do people wear those threads...ugh!) and black pants that merge into your funny looking black boots that aren't even nice!

Ms Zinta has also been rambling on Twitter and how!

“There is so much i want to do, so much i want 2 change in this world ! Time slips away like sand through my hands . I wish i have d strength to bring about that change . "When the going gets tough the tough get going" This was what i was taught by my father . I hope i can.... I find myself 1dering if d system in r country is like quicksand . Will i be able 2 stand my ground or will i be sucked in ? Time will tell ! The past week has shaken me up as i have witnessed things that have hurt my self respect as an Indian . Is it really that easy to commit fraud and forgery and get buy your way through it in our great country . I saw it happening to a common man and it broke my heart . Today I have decided that i will be that change . I stand alone but every moment gives me strength and my resolve strengthens . Its high time now ! Actions speak louder than words ! Its time 2 get into action now ! I know the IPL is on my head, I know i am an actress with no muscle power nor pots of money to buy my way around or influence politicians... but i have the power of the truth ! good always wins over evil though ! This is probably the most challenging and redefining moment of my life . I am an eternal optimistic so on a happy note... Villians beware ! Tomorrow morning will be a bright new day ! I know the sun will shine on me ! Till then good night my friends . I think i will finally be able to sleep now ! Round one begins now ! If this was a movie then the dishum dishum time has started ;-) love you all ! ciao !"

Besides the fact that I hate SMS/Twitter lingo, is she one of those people who put a space between the last word of every sentence and the punctuation following it? Ughhh…can we have some English writing classes for Ms Zinta please? Along with a gentle reminder that Twitter isn’t the place to publish a short story or sort out the emotional turmoil going on inside of you.

And for a person who has a pretty delectable sense of style herself, maybe a refresher course in Fashion 101.


Chanz said...

I think I will follow her on twitter.. Definitely, if it continues like this and will atleast become a source of entertainment for me..

Moonshine said...

Hahahahahahahhaha... cnat stop laughing reading her post. And i hate, positively hate sms language (even on sms).

I will follow her.. sounds interesting!!! :) Some entertainment at least

The knife said...

read rahul khanna. really funny

Scarlett said...

@Chanz & Moonshine - Follow her, she's good entertainment. SRK is boring...he talks a lot. Abhishek Bachchan & Rahul Khanna are cool too - quite witty.

@Knife - I do follow him :)