Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Because...I'm worth it!

I love haircuts! They are fun and they can transform you into a completely different person. Not to mention you get to look like a diva for AN ENTIRE DAY thanks to all the expensive hair products the stylist infuses into your hair. Until you hit the sack at night & and wake up the next morning with your hair looking as flat as flat noodles. But the big bucs we pay for haircuts is totally worth one day of looking gorgeous :)

I love being experimental with my hair. Not with the stylist but with hairstyles. I don't understand why people are so petrified of experimenting with haircuts. Sure, there are chances that one in five haircuts you get might not be the best for your face but you would have discovered four other styles that look good on you. I feel life gets monotonous when you look the same for years. Besides, you don't just blindly go for any hair style. You instinctively know whether a particular hairstyle will look good on you & you have the professional help of a stylist available. All one needs is to get out of one's comfort zone & not be so afraid of change. It's just hair for Chrissake, it will grow back!

So I urge all the gorgeous women in the world to let go of their hang ups & get the most radical, stylish haircut you possibly can! You'll love how different you look.

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