Sunday, June 22, 2008

My fortune for today

Orkut has this feature called 'Today's Fortune' on the profile page of its members. My fortune for today says 'You will have some new clothes'!!!

I don't know why but I found it to be hilarious!

I "had some new clothes" yesterday, so they should've probably called it 'Your Fortune for Yesterday'. And I paid for the clothes myself, so no reason to be excited about "having some new clothes". LOL :)


Moonshine said...

Mine says... "Simplicity and clarity should be your theme in dress" (checked it after reading your post).. which means what exactly.. god knows..

So what theme are you planning to talk about?

Scarlett said...

Was thinking of one on Bombay...I miss it so much!
Another one on stuff I read/watch
And one on "issues"...any kind