Monday, June 16, 2008

My lovely Sunday afternoon

After a very long time I had an all-girl Sunday afternoon.

My sister, my twenty-two year old cousin & I met up for lunch. After stuffing our faces with delicious Chinese food at Mainland China, we headed over to Inox to watch ‘Sex & The City’. Now this is just the movie to watch with your gang of girls. The movie hasn’t been getting rave reviews but I think all those reviews are written by men. Unlike most other “chick-flicks” that have a drop dead gorgeous male lead & are mostly about HIM, this movie is about a bunch of girlfriends & all the crap they have to go through in life, courtesy indecisive, flippant men!

So yeah, you got that right. Men can’t be expected to be a big fan of the movie, and hence the reviews.

We found the movie to be quite funny though.

After the movie, we did what a bunch of girls would be expected to do. We shopped!!

Bags, shoes, clothes, earrings, lip gloss….we bought it all. And in the midst of it all, we even managed to call our dad, wished him a Happy Father’s Day & asked for our gifts. The logic was simple - he is a dad because of us, so he owes us gifts!

Surprisingly, we got us a deal. The next time dad’s in town, he’s taking us shopping!!

Shopping done, we headed over to a coffee shop, and while we sipped on hot chocolate & gorged on a chocolate mud slice, it was pouring outside. We were lucky enough to have a table by the window, and trust me, it’s one of the most heavenly feelings in this world to be sitting inside, all dry & warm with a cup of hot chocolate in one’s hands, and watch it rain outside!

A sumptuous Chinese lunch, a funny “chick-flick”, shopping (YAYYY!!), hot chocolate, watching it rain & the company of your sisters you adore…it can’t get better than that on a Sunday afternoon!

Missed you, Sum. You were the fourth one missing. Wish you were part of the fun!


Psyched said...
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Psyched said...

"After the movie, we did what a bunch of girls would be expected to do. "

Damn all these english movies, the answer in my head was...****** ******




The knife said...

I must confess i am not a big fan of the series. My wife is. We saw the movie together. She was disappointed too. Both of us felt that the women looked too old and haggard for the part and the storyline was not as witty or edgy - eg big was a wimp and not the calculating, selfish guy he was in the series and the entire wedding thing was more from the legally blond genre. Shobha De panned it too and she is a not a male reviewer. I think rocky, rambo, indy jones, bruce willis 9can't remember the character's name) aged more gracefully

Scarlett said...

@Psyched - Grow up!!

@ The Knife - John McCain :)
Agree w/ you...the women did look old & haggard. Sarah Jessica Parker needs to put on some weight. The movie definitely wasn't as good as the series but it was a fun one-time watch, esp. coz I was watching it w/ my sisters.

The knife said...

John mc Cain as in liberal republican? republican? futire president? futire loser? smiling old man?
the company makes a big difference to watching a film...I remember seeing Mr Bean during a power cut at work with team mates and howling till our stomachs ached sometime back

Scarlett said...

Sorry..its John McClane...that Bruce Willis' character in Die Hard.

The knife said...

aah...I was seeing one of the old episodes of friends which featured BW again last night

Scarlett said...

why arent u blogging??

The knife said...

because have suddenly entered the 'busy saving the world segment'