Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My war against potatoes

Bengalis love potatoes. This is the one absolute truth of their lives. There are Bongs who don’t like fish, there are Bongs who don’t like rice but you will never find a Bong who doesn’t like potatoes!!

As if potatoes were the ultimate delicacy in the world.

They eat potatoes as is & also put them in everything they cook….with every green vegetable, in chicken, mutton, fish, dal, biryani….EVERYTHING.

My office canteen had three kinds of potato dishes for lunch today. There were potatoes…potatoes…and more potatoes. And non-potato lovers like me were left looking around in amazement & (mild) disgust.

There are so many other nice vegetables & animals in this world that are available for human consumption, how about wandering outside the world of potatoes & exploring a little bit? Wanderlust is a good thing!

PS: I apologize to the Bongs reading this but they only serve potatoes & fish for lunch & I do not like either. Hmpfff.


Moonshine said...

How is the new canteen.. in comparison with the old??? I am sure its much much better!!! Missed you today at lunch.. had keema :-)

And i love potatoes.. in every format... our canteen guy dosnt make too many potato bhajis!!!

Scarlett said...

The canteen here is much better. they get food from out. Not withstanding the potato bit, it tastes good. I miss keema!! We get chicken & fish everyday..and sometimes there are special lunches apart from the regular chicken/mutton biryani, pulao & chicken, chilli chicken & fried rice etc.

Scarlett said...

Oh yeah, if u stay after 7, the snacks are free! they have damn good snacks...chicken sandwiches, chicken/mutton rolls/patties/chops, noodles etc. everything is charged to the job!!

Psyched said...

Hw can someone not like potatoes?

Scarlett said...

I dont mind them sometimes if they're added to vegetables. But not in chicken & mutton. And definitely not by themselves! They make you FAT. Ur 'Madox' didn't like them either!

The knife said...

I just read this blog while eating alu and daal with rotis for lunch. i love potatoes in any does my wife who is a parsi. And yes I put alu in fish, chicken, mutton (how can u separate them they are like Uttam Suchitra), and I occassionally add vegetable like cabbage, methi to alu.
btw I gained my first set of ten kilos on the evening snacks that you refer to after hungry college days

Scarlett said...

That's why I stay away from the evening snacks!
I guess I grew up eating chicken, mutton, fish etc. without potatoes in them, that's why I cannot understand the concept of adding potatoes.