Saturday, March 7, 2009

Indefinite Suspension of Time

There's something to be said about Saturday mornings where you have no where to be by a certain time. You read the newspaper leisurely while you sip on tea, check your mails, check in on your friends on Facebook. Breakfast happens in its own sweet time. The entire weekend stretches out lazily in front of you. It's a blissful feeling.

You appreciate Saturday mornings more when you've gone through the grind of working four consecutive Saturdays in a row. A working Saturday somehow kills the entire weekend!

Gym beckons. Couldn't go for a month due to work pressure. My gym instructor kept calling me. I took his calls the first couple of times and then I stopped taking them b/c I'd have to give him the same explanations every time he called...."I'm swamped with work. I've been working till 11 in the night every single day, when can I come to gym? So would you please understand & I'll come when work gets easier?" So finally, he got smart and started calling me from numbers I couldn't identify. He got me there! Now that the work pressure has lifted, I'm going to happily trundle off to the gym in a bit :)

There are other things I want to do.....get a pedicure, a face massage. Maybe I'll put the head massage off till tomorrow. Want to watch 'Milk' & 'Revolutionary Road'. Wanted to watch 'The Reader' as well but after reading reviews, decided to pass on it. Doesn't sound too exciting, sounds slow rather. Want to check out this pink, orange & white dress at's a sporty-summery dress which ends right above the knee and will look awesome if worn with a pair of sporty white pumps or strappy white flats.

All these and more will happen in their own sweet time. 'Coz I have the entire weekend in front of me & nowhere to be! :D

Knock on wood.


Moonshine said...

Its similar to that post exam feeling.. that feeling of freedom.. freedom to do whatever you want.. and enough time to do it!!!! :)

Welcome back to normal weekends!!! :)

Scarlett said...

Irony is during exams we used to make plans for a gazillion things that we would do once the exams get over. And we ended up doing nothing once the exams did get over :) We would while the whole chhutti away!

The knife said...

saturdays are better because you know that the next day is a holiday

Scarlett said...

Exactly my feelings :)