Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Marilyn in New York City

I was home for 4 days last week due to a viral infection. It’s funny how we keep cribbing about being burnt out at work and how we need a long least I do :) But when you’re home for a couple of days with nothing to do, you realize just why you wouldn’t be able to live without having to go to work!

I took a few quizzes on Facebook while I was home and the results were quite amusing…

Quiz 1 : What does your birthday say about you?

Result 1:

You are funny - Check

Your soul reflects respect, desire & generosity – Maybe. If they say so. Haven’t spent much time thinking about what my soul reflects. There’s hardly time to keep up with life!

Your gemstone: Aquamarine – Again, if they say so :)

Your flower: Daffodil – But I like gerberas more! They’re such happy flowers!! :):)

Your colors: White and light blue – What about red?

I don’t think this is a very good quiz.

Result 2:

You're upbeat – Check (well, generally)

You love life & exude an outgoing, cheerful vibe – Check check

Blessed with a great sense of humor, you can laugh at adversity – Check check check

I like this quiz!!

Quiz 2 : Who were you in your past life?

Result : Marylin Monroe! In this life you continue to be radiant, happy, whimsical, and daring – Check

But I do have an issue with ‘whimsical’. Of course I’m not whimsical! Moody yes, but whimsical – NO.

And I never had a white halter dress that blew in the wind! Hmmpfff.

Quiz 3: Which zodiac sign are you most compatible with?

Result : Libra

Really? That’s the only sign I’m at loggerheads with the most! Most of my boyfriends have been Librans (by some freaky stroke of luck, believe you me) & they were the ones I had the most issues with! My dad is a Libran & we see eye-to-eye on nothing. Libra-Pisces no like :(

Quiz 4 : Where should you live?

Result : New York City

You love the busy city life – Check (I’m a city girl thru-n-thru & love every bit of the city life)

You want to be able to go out at any hour of the day or night – Check (I couldn't agree more!)

You are also very fashionable and are dedicated to your job! – Well OK. I’m not a slave to fashion, brands & labels but I do consider myself to be more stylish than the average Indian woman, though I’m sure I’d want to kill myself if I’m ever surrounded by the uber-stylish Parisian or Milanese women!!


The knife said...

i can think of being bored because i am home. I guess being an only child for 8 yrs prepared me. NY probably reflects the fact that it is an american quiz. In india bombay probably best fits the description given for ny plus equally prohibitive real estate

Scarlett said...

Being the only child must have been tough. My mom was & she tells me it can get very lonely at times.

In India, I'd pick Bombay too over all other cities. Anyday!

Moonshine said...

Why do you ahve 2 results on the birthday quiz??????????????

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - B/c I took 2 birthday quizzes! :)