Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Story of a Shoe

We (women that is) love our shoes. They are an integral part of our existence & happiness, and can go a long way in getting us attention. Sadly, they can also be a source of much worry. Ever had the heels/straps of your shoes give way while you were traveling or on your way to a client meeting?

It's one of those things you wish never happen to you. But what happened with me today takes the cake.

I wore my new shoes to work (lovely white ones…I’ve wanted white shoes for a long long time), and just as I was about to step out of the cab in front of office, the bow on top of both shoes fell off! All within half an hour of wearing them! And I paid 1000 bucs for them. They were apparently stuck on to the shoes & not stitched on.

So...I pick up my pretty little bows & walk in to work all upset & just then a colleague goes, “Hey, nice shoes!”

You can imagine the look on my face!!

And what’ll you guess, during the course of the day, at least 5 other people have complimented me on my shoes! And I’m like “They’ll look prettier with BOWS on them!!!”

Said with a mix of anger & 'poor me' face :(

Oh well, life is tough.


Moonshine said...

My sandal straps used to keep coming off!!!! And i would forever be trying to find a mochi!!!

Wby dont you go and throw it back it in their face... 1000 bucks and bows coming out, that too when wearing the first time.. totally not happening!!!!

Scarlett said...

I would so love to but there's only one tiny little problem...the store I bought it from is in Bombay!!! So it'll cost me another 13000 bucs to do that :)

Moonshine said...

Oh man!!!! On second thoughts... good excuse to visit the city... get one of your cig studies done in Bombay!!!! :)

Scarlett said...

The cig studies I'm going to handle are going to be done in Canada. So, chances of multiple visits to Canada. Though I wish I was assigned one of the European markets...we do UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands & other Western European countries & people who handle those markets keep traveling to those wonderful countries all the time :(

Moonshine said...

How cool is that!!!! I dont mind going to bombay / delhi for a quick visit ...