Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Thing About Holi Is....

I haven’t been too fond of Holi since 12-13 years of age. That’s when I got totally turned off Holi & stopped playing it. Part of it was b/c the wet colors we used to play with just wouldn’t come out. I remember scrubbing myself to death with Rin (yes, Rin!!!!!) as I’d have school the next day, and would still end up showing up at school colored pink!!!

The other part was b/c I had a horrible Holi experience the year before I stopped playing, which I’ll spare you of. Let me just say that the part of India I grew up in believes in ‘dirty’ Holi. In fact, the dirtier the better (and no, I’m not considering having raw eggs thrown at you as ‘dirty’).

Even now I don’t understand why people like playing with wet colors. Dry colors, or gulal / abeer, as they’re known are so much better. They don’t stay on your skin or your clothes. You can still show up at work the next day looking like a normal human being than someone who’s been dyed pink!

I had an argument with a friend of mine over this last night. A bunch of friends played Holi in the morning. No, I didn’t go & thank God for that….they smashed raw eggs on each other’s heads! There’s nothing even remotely tempting about that for me.

So….this one friend had a presentation today & he requested the others not to put wet color on him. BUT….as we all know, that doesn’t really happen, so the guy has had to turn up for the presentation in all his ‘pink’ glory!

This other friend of mine kept insisting that work can’t control one’s life & what he does on a day off is strictly his business. His boss/clients have no say in it. I thought this was exaggerating it way too much. This isn’t about work dictating one’s life, it’s just about being responsible & professional.

I mean, SHOULD you show up at a client presentation colored pink when you’re the one presenting? And if do, do you really expect the clients to take you seriously?

I would definitely have a little 'discussion' with my reportee if he/she turns up for a client presentation with Holi colors still on. What about you?


The knife said...

I remember that this was a big concern in school. The scrubbing took as much time as the actual Holi playing.
Was foxed a bit by the office question. By the same logic one can come in for a mtg in shorts without brushing his teeth!

Ashwin said...

what we do with our lives on off days is really something that shouldn't concern the people we work with.

This being India, people are aware that when it's Holi, people will play with colour.

It is not something that happens often - only once a year.

If they are unwilling to take this into consideration and let it slide that the person presenting the... presentation is 'pink', it only shows their inability to accept people who are not like themselves. Is that not a step towards - put the company before your needs, no exceptions (facism?)?

That beiong said, I don't think your colleague tried hard enough to stay un-pink. He should have protested some more if he was that serious about not getting colour on his face.

Moonshine said...

If i were the boss, i think i would have a couple of things to say to the person!!! Thats extremely unprofessional. I think wearing jeans to a meeting is unprofessional, forget reaching for presentation all colourful and that too when you are presenting!!!! How unprofessional!!! If i were him, i wouldnt have gone.. esp knowing people are going to do such things!!!!!!

Its like someone saying i reached late because AR Rahman won an oscar / India won the match etc!!!!

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - I agree.

@Ashwin - I totally agree that one can do what-the-hell-ever one wants on one's day off. You want to do drugs, sex, rock-n-roll is totally your business! But this is a question of being a little responsible, professional & mature. No one in office says a word if you turn up all 'pink' to work...but if you've got a client meeting scheduled the next day, or even more importantly a presentation, I think any mature, responsible adult would refrain from showing up with Holi colors still on. I think professionalism demands that much.

@Moonshine - If I were him, I wouldn't have gone to play Holi either if I knew I had a presentation the next day. B/c once people start playing, there's no stopping them!