Friday, March 13, 2009


In 2 days, I’ll be 29. Yet, even yesterday at the gym I fed in 28 as my age on the treadmill, stepper & cycle! That's probably what I'll do even today & tomorrow! :D

Maybe it’s the realization that 30 is inching closer b/c of which I won’t let go of 28….but I think it’s b/c I’ve always been this way. I won’t admit to myself or to the world that I’m a year older until I ring in my birthday.

Birthdays used to be HUGE affairs when I was a kid. My mom was absolutely awesome! Until I was about 10 years old, she used to organize these big parties at home for me where she would invite all our relatives (there were so many of them!!) and my friends from school. There would be at least 40-50 people for every birthday & they would bring the nicest gifts. The only gift I never got was dolls (I never had Barbie as a kid!)

Mom would order the biggest cake, in different shapes & sizes. My favorite was the cake in the shape of a house (when I was 3-4 yrs old) which I wouldn’t cut b/c I thought the people living inside would die if I cut the cake! The tackiest was a heart-shaped cake which this one aunty insisted on bringing on one of my birthdays. It was a homemade cake with cherries & had no icing on it.....what crap! That was the saddest cake I ever had.....I remember crying so much over it that my mom had to order a fancy cake for me at the last minute. Poor mum....don't know how she managed to handle the aunty!

The best part of my birthdays though would be my dresses! Did I mention my mom is awesome? MINDBLOWINGLY awesome! I had the prettiest & the most trendy dresses among all kids I knew! My mom was great at keeping up with trends. She used to get these beautiful gowns stitched for me! Imagine, I wore gowns for my birthday as a kid! I also wore spaghettis, tube tops, halters before anyone else did!

I love my mom :)

So....the 29th birthday’s in 2 days & for the first time in my life, the excitement hasn’t caught up with me. God, this is really scary! I’m so the 'countdown-to-birthday' type of person! I look forward to my birthday with as much excitement & anticipation as I do to Christmas. For me, it’s just a beautiful, happy day!

I have to have my day FULL of plans. Can’t spend the day at home, I HAVE to be out for most part of the day hanging out with friends or family - doing things. I’m not the quiet birthday types & also don’t like to spend the day watching a movie (that’s a good 2-3 hrs gone!). I go out for lunch, meet people for coffee, meet some more people for dinner, shop....

Of course, I take the day off :)

After all, birthday comes just once a year…..just like Christmas!! :))


Moonshine said...

So what are you doing finally on your Bday this year!!! Last to last year we were in the flight :)

Scarlett said...

And we went to Hard Rock Cafe in the evening! :)

The knife said...

hey hope you had a great birthday and showed what painting the town red really means

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Yes I did. Thank you!