Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Okay, stop salivating. This post has nothing to do with the picture above :) But did you know that Tiramisu literally means 'Pick Me Up'?

That's the theme of this post and it happens at every gym, picking-up that is. I fail to understand what’s so attractive about sweaty, stinking men & women who look anything but graceful (no one looks graceful while exercising).

Yet, at every gym you will find women who come dressed up in the most non-functional clothes. They spend the entire time preening at men, and are generally more interested in checking themselves out in the mirror and talking on their cell phones than in exercising. You’ll never find them lifting anything beyond 2 lbs or running on the treadmill...they’ll always walk leisurely as running will make them sweaty you see!

Not that they need to run or be at the gym in the first place, the thin bony creatures that they are. And you’ll find men who’re more interesting in talking to these PYTs than working out. I mean, how desperate do you have to be to have to come to the gym to pick people up?

There are a man & woman in my gym, probably in their 40s. The man keeps chasing the woman across the gym. He’ll follow her to all the machines and try to make conversation. She’ll be sprawled out on the middle of the gym floor giving orgasmic poses, while he'll stand there salivating. It’s all really weird and kind of gross, actually. So obviously I was under the impression the man is trying to get something going with her.

Turns out they are husband & wife!!!

I mean, how was I supposed to know? They don’t even look like each other! Well...ok…a husband & wife aren’t really supposed to look like each other…but there’s a husband-wife vibe between them...which is completely missing in this couple!! I mean, why would you salivate at a public place watching your wife sprawled out across the floor? Wouldn’t you get enough of that at home already?

Maybe he doesn’t.

PS1: Factoid about Tiramisu - Venetian courtesans used to eat it before their men arrived for the evening because they believed it would give them the energy to make love all night!

PS2: Gotta love the Italians for their fine taste in food & beverages. Cases in point - pizza, pasta, lasagna, cappucino and Tiramisu!


Moonshine said...

While i have not encountered men leching at women (here there are separate floors except for cardio which is unisex), i have seen women dressed in the stragest of clothese... there is this one lady who wears these florescent top and bottoms.. her top is always short.. and bottoms always tight!!!!!

Scarlett said...

Gyms can be quite entertaining that way :) At my gym in Bombay, there was this girl who was having a fling with one of the instructors. It used to be hilarious to see their interactions!