Friday, August 1, 2008

That feeling of happy-ness

I’m really happy!! You know the feeling you get when you’ve accomplished something that meant a great deal to you? The subject of my happiness is a little banal as it’s related to work but it’s worth writing about nonetheless, I feel.

I prepared a presentation that my boss loved!!

To put this in perspective…I’ve recently joined a new company (a little over 2 months ago). The kind of work that this company produces is very different from what we did in my previous company where I worked for 4 years!

The first presentation I made wasn’t all that good. That’s what I felt though my boss differed :-)

My boss made quite a few changes to the presentation in terms of the insights being offered to the client. The client appreciated the presentation, my boss congratulated me but I wasn’t too happy because ultimately, it was my boss’ work that got appreciated. More than that, the reason I wasn’t happy was that I felt I hadn’t lived up to my boss’ expectations. When you join a company at a relatively higher position, there are certain expectations from you as opposed to when you join as a novice.

The reason my insights weren’t that good was that I had never worked on that product category & that type of study before. Nonetheless, I was a little disappointed and was hoping I’d be able to do a better job with my next presentation. And a better job I did!! :-)

Before you scream “EGO!!”, let me tell you ego had no role to play in this. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do a better job on newer kinds of studies and meet my boss’ expectations. I think I have managed to do that….my boss did not suggest a single change in the presentation. Rather, he said it was excellent!!

If that’s not reason enough to be happy, I don’t know what is!

Now I can happily go on my weekend trip to the beach. Man, how much I miss the sea after leaving Bombay! When you’re in Bombay, you take the sea for granted. It’s such a BIG part of the city that it becomes a part of you as well. I’ve spent a lot of time hanging out at Bandstand and Marine Drive. I always knew I’d miss the sea but could never have guessed how much!!

So I’m really excited about this trip. There are 12 of us going & I hope we have a BLAST!!!

So…over & out for the weekend. Hope you guys have a fun weekend as well.


Moonshine said...

Hey, congratulations!!!!! Big impact, eh? But i can totally get what you are saying!!!! And believe me this may seem small, but will go a long way!!!

The knife said...

hey congrats...great that you did good work and proved yoursefl and great you have a boss who is appreciative...

Scarlett said...

@ Moonshine - Thanks!! I'm v.v.happy :D
And I'm glad I'm getting all these learnings. It just feels nice to know that I could do a good job on something I hadn't done before!!

@ The Knife - Thanks :)

Serendipity said...

Lol. how modest is this post :):):)

Scarlett said...

Modesty isn't one of my virtues. You of all people should know that :)

The knife said...

I got a very long mail of appreciation from the capital the other night from for my mails appreciating my team...I was so thrilled that I couldn't sleep till 3...very different from what I've been subjected to before

Scarlett said...

@ The Knife - Was it appreciation for your original team or mine? :)