Monday, April 13, 2009

Ab Hamara Kya Hoga Kaaliya?

Narendra Modi called the Congress a ‘budhiya’ party due to it's 125 year existence, and claimed party is not suitable for a youthful nation such as ours. As if his communalistic, divisive, fanatical party is going to offer our country a brighter and more glorious future!

Following criticism from the Congress party he retaliated by saying that he will call them a ‘gudiya’ party if they object to being called ‘budhiya’.

This is what a much more mature & sensible Priyanka Gandhi had to say about Modi’s inane remarks: “I think it is ridiculous. I don't see why we are discussing 'budhiya' and 'gudiya' when we should be discussing development. We should be discussing the economy. We should discuss things that matter.”

On the other hand we have MSY (Mulayam Singh Yadav) who, egged on by Mr Amitabh Bachchan’s chaperone Amar Singh & the newly discovered chauvinist Saanjay Dutt, has vowed to ban English-medium education and computers! Regression seems to be his mantra.

If these are the kind of small minded, uneducated, imbecile people we have for leaders, we should be worried about our immediate future and about where we are headed as a nation.


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The knife said... covered our PMs trip to Mumbai. He apparently said that they are committed to make Mumbai a world city and then said that his government is one which really focused on slum redevelopment.

Go figure

I guess its heads you win, tails we lose

Scarlett said...

@Future Mantra - Thanks, will check it out.

@Knife - You should also check out Nafisa Ali's interview in the Bombay Times (if they have printed it), defending SP & their regressive policies. She couldn't sound more confused even if she tried!

The knife said...

I missed BT today...will check it.

She had contested from calcutta last time against mamata Banerjee. My mom said that it seemed like that she (nafisa) had 'mathai chheet'. You cna ask one of your colleagues to translate that

Scarlett said...

@Knife - I know what mathai chheet means now! Have been living amidst Bongs for a while now ;) You have to read her interview on her decision to join SP & their policies. She sounds every bit of a 'chheet'. She is herself from La Mart & she's joined a party that wants to ban English-medium education!