Monday, April 20, 2009

And She Thought He Might Just Be Different From Other Men :)

Conversation during lunch yesterday between two of my friends:

She: You guys will not believe what a big pervert was seated right next to me in the metro on my way here!
Him: How big?
She: Big
Him: HOW big?
She: He kept staring at my chest…..
Him (interrupting): You don’t have a chest. You have breasts.
She: He kept staring at my chest till I got off!
Him: Breasts
She: Can you stop saying that?
Him: Why?
She: Because it’s embarrassing!
Him: Why’re you getting embarrassed? You have breasts just like the 3 billion other women in the world….assuming the world population is still stuck at 6 billion, that is. So what’s so embarrassing about it?
She: You’re a friend. I don’t want you thinking about….well, breasts.
Him: You mean YOUR breasts.
She (sighing): Well yeah…
Him: I don’t
She: You don’t what?
Him: I don't think about your breasts.
She: Good
Him: They’re barely there! Give me nice tits & I’ll think about them.


The knife said...

hmmm. Jane Austen in the twenty first century?

Psyched said...


Considering what your 'he' friends says in the last line... ur 'she' friend was so right in the first place - refering to her's as chest....

heheheha ahahaha

Scarlett said...

@Knife - Sorry, didn't get the analogy to Jane Austen. Haven't managed to read through a single book of hers, you see :) Could you pls elaborate?

@Psyched - All guys think alike. Nothing new there. If they're breasts, just call them breasts :) Makes life simpler & saves one the embarassment, n'est pas?

The knife said...

I am not sure if i read any of her books in full though watched some of the films recently.

Couldn't see this conversation happening between Darcy and Elizabeth...unless its a Dev D type of interpretation

Scarlett said...

@Knife - I get it :) Yeah, you're right.