Monday, April 27, 2009

Unbutton for Freedom

The entire episode of a PIL being filed against Akshay Kumar for getting his wife to unbutton his jeans at the LFW is a joke. Someone who wanted his 15 seconds of fame filed an IPL against the actor, and our great courts are pursuing it so seriously that they arrested Twinkle Khanna & are apparently waiting for Akshay Kumar's return from South Africa (where he’s busy shooting for Season 2 of Khatron Ke Khiladi) so they can arrest them too! Why don't they show such zeal in cases where there are actual crimes like murders, rapes, kidnappings, terrorists acts etc. being committed is anybody's guess!

Do we really have such a lack of socio-political issues in this country that need to be dealt with urgently that we need to worry about who is unbuttoning whose jeans & where??

First of all, why sue Akshay Kumar? What has he done apart from doing what he was asked to do? I’m sure he was paid huge bucs to endorse the brand. Doubt how much of a say he has in what he should/should not do?

Secondly, I’m sure people who attended the show were mature enough to handle something like that. And so are we. So where’s the big deal? Is it because kids watching it on television were exposed to something that was “vulgar” and “contrary to Indian values”? Boss, if that is what your issue is then you have no idea what your kids are up to!

Kids these days are doing so many un-Indian things that are much bigger than watching someone get his jeans unbuttoned by his wife. They are watching p*rn, having s*x even before they reach their teens, indulging in other s*xual acts that are apparently criminalized as per the Indian Penal Code etc. I refuse to believe parents don't know what kids in general are up to. You can't live in denial yourself and go around chastising others!

Levi's on the other hand claims that unbuttoning one's jeans stands for 'freedom' and that is what they are trying to portray through their ‘Live Unbuttoned’ campaign. Well, how the hell does unbuttoning signify 'freedom' of all things? If anything, it signifies horniness & a desire for s*x!

So Mr Kumar, would suggest that before you accept mega bucs for endorsements in the future so you can buy your wife Hermes Birkin hand bags worth Rs 10 lacs, think it ten times over. Not in the interest of saving the country from moral corruption but in the interest of saving your own Levied arse.

For now, you can happily pay up for your lack of foresight. And no, being the highest tax payer in Bollywood does not guarantee one a free ride, just in case you were wondering.


Moonshine said...

Its extremely extremely annoying to read about such things!!! People do not have work to do really!!!

Scarlett said...

What irritates me even more is why a handful of people have become moral custodians for the entire nation of thinking adults? We're all fully capable of discerning what's good & what's not for ourselves. And these men who appoint themselves our cultural custodians are the biggest perverts of all.