Sunday, April 12, 2009

It Was Hell Down Under

MTV Roadies is the only show on television right now that I'm following. It's one of the gazillion reality shows on TV but I like it because of the challenging tasks it throws at it's participants. 'Survival of the fittest' - physically and mentally - is what Roadies is all about.

Today was the semi-final episode with 3 contestants remaining. Can't believe Palak & Nauman have gone ahead to the finals while Paulomi had to come back home. With the wrapping of the semi-final episode, the Hell Down Under (Australia) segment of the show also got over.

Palak has balls but she is probably the most crass girl I have ever come across in my life. There is absolutely zero class in that girl. Was quite disappointed by Nauman today. Couldn't believe the guy could be so flaky! Knowing Palak & her turncoat tendencies, he still chose to believe her over his own common sense! So easily brain-washed he was. And to top it all, he even admitted that he didn't believe in the decision he was taking but Palak convinced him about it!

Out of all three, I thought Paulomi was the most sensible. She belonged to another planet no doubt...dressed in the tighest of clothes that she would pop out of any moment, with outrageous extensions in her hair and always worrying about her horrendous make-up getting smudged (rather than the task at hand, which in one episode was to pin down a crocodile in a mud pool to get chips off its tail!!)

Yet her decisions were sensible & most rational. She made it to the semi-finals without bitching, back-biting, manipulating or playing any games. She never pleaded with anyone not to vote against her. She was my candidate for Roadies 5.0 out of the three.

In my view, Sufi should ideally have been a Roadie this year. Even Natasha was quite deserving - she might have been a big manipulator but she did do all the tasks & did them well.

Can't wait to see what the finale episode has in store. I refuse to believe it will be straight-forward. I'm sure Palak & No-Man (to borrow the nickname from the Roadies gang) have no idea what they are up against. 19th April (Sunday) evening, 7pm will be fun to watch! Here's some eye candy to tide you over till then...

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