Friday, April 17, 2009

Lycra, The Cling Thing

Cleavage revealing outfits - No problem! (Women's lingerie has come a looooong way since the white cotton 'Lovely' bras which make your boobs look like pointed machine guns)

Short dresses - No problem! (In fact, the shorter the better! ;)

Lycra - F*&^%$!*&^%$@#$ - They cling to your abs like they'll never let go!!! How many of us have Bipasha Basu abs, inspite of all those excruciating hours spent training your abdominal muscles at the gym???

This is what Lycra has to say for itself: "LYCRA® fiber, from INVISTA, is made for clothes that love you back with your favorite fit and comfort, making you the perfect you" (taken from

"Clothes that love you back".....Yeah right!!!!!

I be very sad :(:(:(

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