Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Battle Rages On

I’m obsessed with my weight. Probably because I’ve always had trouble with it, partly due to genetics and partly because of lifestyle choices. Like most of us, I largely lead a sedentary lifestyle. I live in a city where it’s too muggy to walk even short distances, my office is on the 10th floor (you don’t expect me to climb 10 flights of stairs everyday, do you??), my house is on the 1st and I have a job that requires me to sit infront of a computer for at least 8 hours a day.

The only form of exercise I get is when I go to the gym or am strong-willed enough to wake up early in the morning (6.30!!) & go for a walk. You can imagine how frequently THAT must be happening! There's a huge lake which is a 5 minute walk from my house & is apparently a magnet for morning walkers & joggers. Someday I'm determined to see what it looks like!

To make matters worse, I’m a foodie – as in I don’t eat a lot but I love non-vegetarian food, love chocolates, love bread / pizza / pasta, love Chinese food, and love to eat out in general. Thin people don’t love all these things - unless they’re genetically blessed that is. They love sprouts, salads, carrots, cucumbers etc.

I’ve tried various means of losing weight....going to the gym, swimming, aerobics, low carb diets & more recently, signing up with a dietician!!

Now, I’m convinced dieticians are one of the most ‘out-of-touch-with-reality’ people on this planet. The kind of diets they prescribe are unpractical & cumbersome. Sample this:

7.30am – Cereal (50gm) + Milk (250 ml)
8.30am – Tea + 2 Biscuits (non-cream sad plain biscuits)
10.30am – Fruits (Do's : Apples, Oranges, Papaya, Pears, Watermelon; Don’ts: Bananas, Mangoes – basically everything good)
12.30-1pm – 2 Rotis (100 gm) + Dal + Vegetable + Chicken/Fish (100gm)
3.30pm – Yogurt + Carrots / Cucumber / Sprouts
5.30pm – Tea + 2 Biscuits (non-cream sad plain biscuits again :(
7.30-8pm – 1 Roti + Chicken/Fish (100gm)

There are many practical problems with this diet (And to think I paid this woman shitloads of money to come up with this crap!!):

A) It involves cooking of dal, vegetables AND chicken/fish everyday, and assuming I need to carry them to work, all have to be cooked before 9.30 in the morning
B) I need to remember to eat every two hours & once work gets going, DO WE EVEN HAVE THE TIME TO PEE, forget taking out our cute little Tupperware & start eating?
C) Anyone will get bored eating the same food over & over again. Normal people need to eat out at least a couple of times a week, and eating out does NOT mean eating salads, soup & grilled chicken/fish. It means eating pizza or pasta or Chinese food or Butter Chicken or KFC or Subway (with Parmesan Oregano bread, mayo & their delicious sauces)
D) You can't measure cereal, flour, chicken & fish every time you have to cook them
E) What if I feel hungry after 8pm?

You see why I think dieticians have completely lost it in life?

I think a more practical way is to eat the way French women do! Do you know why French Women Don’t Get Fat? France is considered to be the gastronomic capital of the world, yet their women are thin! It’s because they eat everything but in small proportions & voila! You will be thin.

The things on my imminent weight-loss agenda – kickboxing, power yoga & aqua aerobics. Oh, how I love the water!!

P.S.: I am hydrophobic.

Update : Just read a column in the paper where a girl has written in to a fitness expert saying she's too thin and would like to gain some weight on her butt & thighs b/c irrespective of the size of jeans she buys, they're always lose on her! Oh well....guess as long as there will be women, they will have issues with their bodies :)

Update 2 : This is my 250th post on this blog alone!! Have a happy long weekend people! Happy Easter!!


The knife said...

Don't tell get me started on the amount of money one has wasted on dieticians, weight loss plans. Dinner at 8 o clock? Where? On the road?
Its uncanny you were speaking about portion control as yesterday a red meat loving uncle of mine said he has got cholesterol down by leaps by portion control.
I think portion control is easier than item control

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Weight-loss plans are all scams. The idea behind 8 o clock dinners is that you should have your last meal (low carb may I add) atleast 3 hrs before you go to bed, so the calories aren't stored as fat. But dinner at work isn't my idea of a dinner at all!

Portion control is definitely better than item control. Apparently that's what Kareena Kapoor's dietician also prescribes! Lol :) Again, the idea being that if you stay away from certain foods you like, over time your body develops a craving for it & then you binge on it! Which is like weight-loss harakiri.

Moonshine said...

Dieting and all is useless.. you should eat whatever you like!! A smaller plate.. controlled meals.. more frequent eatign should do the trick.. aqua thing sounds good!!! :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Apparently you lose loads of calories doing aqua aerobics...b/c you have to overcome the water resistance etc. BTW, where have you been?

Moonshine said...

loads of work.. been coming late everyday!!!